Title: Young Justice
Issue: #2
Story: "Sheik, Rattle & Roll"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: T. Nauck
Inker: L. Stucker

My Comments
" The first issue of this series was kind of a let down to me. but number 2 sucked! The ending made no sense. Ben Stien.. Fite-N-Madd.. Rip Roar.. can we say.. LAME! The ending with Rip Roar, a supposed imprisioned God of New Genesis, and his bike, could have been left for another title all together. The ending with Rip Roar rejecting himself and returning back to stone, was just lame. I wish the series would get better. Pad is 2 - 0 in my book so far.

1 outta 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The book opens in the desert..at least before the snow.. it was the desert. As many of the citizens move to the annual tribute to the shieik Ali Ben Styn. About the temple, and ominious craved alien looking being in the mountain.

On the other side of the world, the Titanic 2, on its madien voyage, seems to float to the icy fate of the original Titanic, as the crew trys deperatly to avoid the iceberg, the team still trapped on the "Super Cycle", destroys the iceberg and continues to race of into the night.

No suddenly are the flying over the ocean, then are they flying the distance of the great Wall of China. Using the request of " Get of off the wall ", the cycle complied and suddenly send Robin and the "Super-Cycle" raceing towards a station wagon full of Nuns and loaded with explosives (cheap gag). Suddenly becoming a ghost, the "Super Cycle" and Robin, flew straight through the car as well as the ground and suddenly came out of the ground and slammed back into Superboy.

At the same time, Fite-N-Madd, suddenly appeared in the temple of Ali Ben Styn, warning him of impending danger from the teens.

As Red Tornado joined the boys, Robin, figured that the bike had a mind of its own and was homing in something, and it was going for it one way or another. As the Supercycle raced for the mountain, it suddenly let loose a massive blast that caused the snow peak mountain top, to go volcanic. Racing towards the Temple, Superboy just barely moved it out of the lava paths way, but the lava had plans of its on, as it slowly covered over the statue figure in the mountain, and suddenly Rip Roar, was free.

Proclaiming that after 2000 years of being imprisoned by the Gods on New Genesis for stealing the same "Super Cycle" thats dragging the boys around. As then Rip Roar demands his bike back, which the boy's aren't given up so easy. As Rip Roar attacked, Red Torndo, Impulse and Superboy, were all took out of the first with ease, as it came down between a calling contest of all things between Robin and Rip Roar. As the "super cycle" rejected Rip Roar and sided with Robin, Rip Roar felt as if part of himself rejected himself, causing him to return back into a pool of lava and back into a statue form. Leaving there first official mission, to a close.