Title: Young Justice
Issue: 20
Story: "Time Out"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inker: Lary Stucker

My Comments

Line of the book: (Robin to everyone while watching the JLA talk to the senator) "I see...Batman...he's speaking VERY slowly ... he's saying"
*Wonder Girl* "Robin what's he saying?" 
*Robin* "He umm... He said Robin put down the binoculars"

Rating 4 out of 5


This review curtousy of
Gerry Valentine

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The story begins after Sins Of Youth, It looks like the JLA has stayed around to help with the cleanup of what's left of the Agenda HQ along with the DEO, APES, Old Justice, and The JSA. As the cleanup is going on Wonder Girl and a now powerless Superboy are having a conversation that Amanda Spence (the girl who killed Tana Moon) interrupts by mocking Superboy. Wonder Girl whispers something into Amanda's ear that scares her half to death. We don't find out in this issue what she said but she claims it to be "girl talk" 
One of the very few downsides to this issue was that Klarion *Bum Bum Bum* the Witch Boy and Lil' Lobo were featured on the cover and only got about four pages worth of story. It's OK though because it looks like they were the main buildup for the next issue. 
There are some VERY funny moments with Impulse trying to lip read the conversation between the JLA, Fite& Madd, Chase, Red Tornado and Senator Perkins. I won't spoil these for you but they are a must read.
Skip to a scene where Empress is deleting some files on Cissie on a Family court Computer and burning the files in the File room on her then we move on to a surprising visit from Cissie's Mom at her school and the two of them come very close to sharing a moment. 
Next we see a talk between Batman and Robin, first about how he knew that Batman had a very big part in helping out YJ with the whole mess of the people not trusting Teen Super heroes. Then about wanting to tell YJ who Robin really is. As we all know Batman is Totally against it. But Robin feels that he should be able to be honest with them.
It looks as if our known and loved Young Justice is taking a break and here to replace them is the "New YJ" BeastBoy, Flamebird, LagoonBoy, CM3, and Batgirl. (Who can't appear in this issue cause she never leaves Gotham) 
Now on the last few pages we see Wonder Girl's new costume (I have to say I like it) and in a moment we did not at all expect Robin takes off his mask to the team. Everyone meet Alvin Draper. Superboy calls him on the fake name but only time will tell what happens from here. With that all said it was a great issue.