Title: Young Justice
Issue: 23
Story: “Down Under Where”
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inker: Lary Stucker

My Comments

Good to see a story that focus's on Arrowette again.  She's been missed in the pages of YJ.  I think the idea of Empress being Madd's daughter might invoke a fantastic storyline.  I could be dead wrong on it, but I've got a hunch.  The art was as always consistantly detailed and just amazing in Nauck's mange-animae like style.  I couldn't name most of the villans that showed up on the last page. Hopefully next issue will give an explanation as to who they are.  Should be great to see Cissie in the Summer Games and how she fares against/with her teammates. The next issue teased an idea with Bonnie trying to make deals with the villians.

 4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Cissie (Arrowette) returns to inform the Young Justice team that she’s joined a new team.  While originally YJ thinks she’s returning, she informs them that is the US Archery Team, competing in the Summer Games in this years Olympic Games, but not before the team speculates that she’s joined the Titans, Creature Commandos and even The Ravers. Although the team would need to do a little convincing to get Robin to agree, in one day the team would be off to root Cissie on at the Summer Games.

  Next we see Donny Madd and Ish Fite discussing Madd’s family trip to the summer games. Held up by his daughter Anita, Madd dropped of the remote to Ish and issued some VCR taping requests while he and his daughter left for the Summer Games.

  Up in the air, Cissie and her mother complained as to how cramped the flight was for the Summer Games.  When the child in the seat in front of her continued to hit Cissie with her chair, Cissie exploded at the young girl, only to find out she’d deaf.  Feeling like an fool, Cissie and her mother Bonnie introduced themselves to Tony and Natalie Rodriguez. Although she’s deaf, Natalie ranked 3rd on the team behind Cissie.  While in the air, the plane got a strange fly by visit from the Super Cycle carrying Impulse, Wonder Girl, Superboy and Secret (who was hiding her presence over the body of Robin). Agreeing to camp out one night and be in attendance for Cissie’s main events, Young Justice arrived at the Summer Games.

Up in the front of the plane, the press was going nuts for the passenger in First Class, Tina Thomas.  The number one ranked archer in the US.  Tina, took up archery for some movie she was working on it, and kept with it. Cissie and Natalie both snuck up to first class to check out the hoopla.  When Tina invited them in, she preceded to introduce them by the wrong name, and claim they were on “her” team.  Before Cissie could object, Bonnie King erupted into the room, putting Tina in her place and explaining to the press that they are for the greater good of the competition, not for getting there names in the newspapers or endorsements.  But, after her comments she was quick to make sure the newspapers spelled her name right, and offered her and Cissie’s endorsement to any Florida theme park that wants them!

At the Australia Games Council Headquarters, the council had concerns of the last team to arrive for the games. In fear that this counties team would make the games a debacle, the council tried to rule that they could not participate, but under protect were made to accept that this group would participate in the games.

In the hotel, Natalie and Cissie discuss how they both use there archery skills.  Natalie explained that when she aims, nothing else matters and the world can “Go Hang”.

Welcome Ace Atchinson and his partner Sammy to the Summer Games.  Hot off there coverage of  “YJ: Sins of Youth” the duo had been sent to cover the games.  Immediately after arriving, Ace and Sammy got some film work of Bonnie King and someone who they believed to be a villain (* I think its Rah Al Ghoul *).

In the stands, YJ finds out there seats are next to an interesting duo. While trying not to stand out, Fite was quick to disprove all of there secret identities.  Before asking the group to relax, Fite introduces his daughter Anita to the “Wonder Girl, Superboy, Impulse, and Robin the Suburban Legend”.  Anita being bumped dropped her carry on bag into the lap of Wonder Girl, who noticed a strange tube rattling.  Anita quickly took her bag back, claiming it was medication. Wonder Girl had a strange feeling she’d met Anita before ( Possible hint that Anita might be Empress).  While Robin was questioned as to where Secret was be Fite, Robin denounced even knowing what he was talking about (while holding Secret in his hands, posing as binoculars).

About this time, the US Summer Olympic Team made there march on the field.  When Fite was suspicious that the team knew someone on the team, the announcement was made that the last team held from the country of Zanda.  This country is an island of criminals, with a population under 4000.  A bunch of criminals including Deadshot, and led by Mallah and the Brain.