Title: Young Justice
Issue: #3
Story: "The Issue before the one where the girls show up!"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: T. Nauck
Inker: L. Stucker

My Comments
"Another great issue. I am actually glad I decided to stick out this series until issue 6, because the 1 Million issue, as well as this issue were awesome. Nauck, I hope stays with the series for a long time, because he is doing a great job. Peter David, is now 2-2 on the Young Justice series, great work. A definite must read."

4 outta 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Its Halloween again, and the hijinks of Young Justice, just keep on coming!!

The Coven, calling upon the strange art of Cobollah, use this Halloween night, to bring forth a new age of Techno-magic to our era. But as the quote goes, "beware of what you wish for..". Using this strange technology called forth the 5th Dimensional being Mr. Mxyzptlk! Fortunately for Young Justice, its not the Mxy that we all know! Mxy that thinks fun has no place in the cosmos..

As Robin, Superboy and Impulse, play chaperones to a party, designed to be a safe alternative to Halloween, distention again, between the team is hinted. Robin, the cool headed of the bunch, is taking his responsibility very seriously. Superboy, "wows" the party with his great power of "Tactile Telekinesis", and Impulse, amazes one foot ball player of his stripping ability of "Textile Telekinesis". As Robin disapproves of the childish behavior of the team, strange things begin to happen to the members of the party.

On one side of the room, the kids, have all been aged, into senior citizens. On the other, kids are forced into continuously dancing. And in midair, sitting the younger version of Mxy, conducting a serious research experiment.

As Young Justice, begins to try to fight with Mxy, they start to really look as if they are fighting as a team. Impulse does an amazing move of running on the roof and vibrating through a wall, slamming Mxy into it, as Robin calls the super-cycle to give Mxy, that "hit and run" feeling. Unfortunately, Mxy's powers are no match for Young Justice, as Superboy learns he can't shake off the power of Myx, and falls beneath his science powers. Suddenly as the team rallied, they were ended by one shot!!.

As Mxy's was recording the information for his report, Superboy, explained how he knew Mxy, and told him, about all his future endeavors to harass Superman, and the havoc he would cause, unfortunately causing a time ripple, that changed the entire universe.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Red Tornado, spent the night, watching over his adopted daughter Traya as she was trick-or-treating around the "Windy City". It soon came time for dad, to become her savior as 3 bullies (who bare striking resemblance to the gang on the Simpsons) harassed little Traya for her bag of candy. Suddenly in her little witches costume, and her broom, a gust of air, send Traya flying into the air, on a "magic broomstick ride". Red Tornado finally appeared, and confronted his little girl, and in my opinion, brought a little bit of humanity back for himself. A very touching scene.

As Red Tornado and Traya showed up at the party, it seemed as if Young Justice was up to there necks in trouble, and Red Tornado, was all to ready to access a situation. Mxy, had to become a fun trickster to return time to its normal pace. Robin had an idea... as all the kids were gathered watching a movie, Impulse and Mxy sat down to watch, the Three Stooges, and just as it seemed that the movie wouldn't work, Mxy broke down and from there reentered his dimension as the soon to be tricker. A funny note though, Mxy proclaimed that he would cause his constant pestering of Superman, as a tribute to Young Justice, and Mick Gurk.

So, that's why Mxy's first Superman appearance he was looking for a "McGurk".