Title: Young Justice
Issue: 4
Story: "Harm's Way"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inker: Larry Strucker

My Comments
This has been the best issue of Young Justice, yet. The joining of Arrowette, Wondergirl (who Todd finally made to look cool), and Secret to the team, As well as we can see that the boys are starting to become a team. Also, the introduction of Harm was very cool, a possible villain for the other teen books if DC Comics plays there cards right. Todd's artwork continues to be great, as well as the stories just keep getting better and better. Can't wait for the next issue.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Arrowette is not having any fun. In fact, this night has been pretty bad. Enter the new villain Harm and we can see she's not doing much offense at all. As this new villain single handily took Arrowette apart, even going so far as to send one of her own arrows back through her arm. Leaving a message for all teen heroes, to stay out of his way. As Arrowette tried desperately to keep herself conscious, a mysterious mobile saved young "Carrie's" life.

During the "Fiesta De San Fermin, in Pamplona, Spain, Superboy and Impulse deal with the threat of Tora. A female villain associated with many "Bull" crimes, such as the Wall Street Robbery and China Shop Looting according to Impulse. It didn't take long before the "Young Caballeros" in a great fit of team work, took out Tora with a well placed batarang, saved a crashing airplane, and generally showed finally, of the boy's becoming a team. (Bout time Pad).

As the boys were discussing the strange disappearance of the "Super-Cycle", their newest adversaries, Fite-n-Madd, greeted them. Claiming a case had fallen into their hands that the boys could help with. Fite-n-Madd were looking for Secret. After the boy's claimed they had no idea who they were looking for, and hastily made a quick exit, as the "Super-Cycle" reappeared. As the boy's made their way back home, a gory discovery was found. Blood in the "Super-Cycle".

In another part of the DC Universe, Wondergirl is suddenly found cleaning house in a local playground of some local boys who were terrorizing a poor defenseless kitty cat, who amazingly enough, brought Wondergirl to her knees in tears after a minor catscratch. Kinda weak for a superhero. As Wondergirl sat, doubting her abilities, the Secret made her appearance, only to be insulted by WG, And used for friendship to be introduced to the boys. Especially Superboy.

The scene cuts away, to a set of terrified parents. Talking of discipline for their son. A scared Father, whom the boy has instilled fear in since a young age of 11. As the father, attempted to stand up to his son, he was once again, left in fear as the boy, undermined him, and again, let the parents know who is running the show.

Soon, the boys returned to the cave, to find the injured Arrowette, who the Super-Cycle has Brought back to the cave earlier in the night. Using some fast thinking (to everyone's fear) Impulse super-vibrated the arrow from the shoulder of Arrowette. As Robin began to nurse Arrowette's wound, she began to tell the story of how she was injured. According to her story, Arrowette received a mail in her civilian identity, with a tip about a major crime ring and where to meet this mystery informant. Arrowette, went alone as was soon attacked from the shadows by Harm. As Arrowette fired an arrow to pin his cape, Harm captured the arrow and sent it back at her, pinning her in the shoulder, and forewarned Arrowette to tell all the teen heroes, to "stay out of his way."

After hearing this story, in a bit of a mad-on, Superboy, shot out of the cave to find Harm. Must to the dismay of Robin and Impulse, Superboy, didn't want to do this as a team, he wanted Solo.

As Wondergirl and Secret flew on their way to the Cave, Harm reappeared with his sites set on Wondergirl. Setting a record in his 'Book of Blood" for Wondergirl, he sought to test her abilities, by dragging her alone as a Macy's balloon from the back of his 'Harm-mobile" and slamming her face first into a bridge. (A cat scratch makes here whine, yet face first into a the bridge not much of a cry and sorta gets dirty.) Secret misted her way into the car, only to be easily defeated by a static discharge. But the proceedings came to a halt as the "Boy of Steel", put an end to Wondergirl and Secret's beatings. As the challenge began Harm easily defeated Superboy by filling his lungs with some sorta liquid/gas, easily knocking him out, and one shot to the back of Wondergirl's head, and she was unconscious as well. Harm had this battle won, only to have to leave the unconscious heroes to the approaching police and special agents Fite-n-Madd, who could sense Secret begin in the area.

Back at the Cave, Rob and Superboy were again at odds over Superboy's going solo. A bit of jealously brewing from Wondergirl over Superboy's attention to Arrowette, and Secret explaining that she brought the team together, to ask for help in freeing the imprisoned kids of the D.E.O.

Next time.. Harm, battle 2. And this story continues in Young Justice: Secret Files.