Title: Young Justice
Issue: 5
Story: "First, Do No Harm"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inker: Larry Strucker

My Comments
The best story of Peter David's line yet! The story was good, the characters were in top form, and it really seems like they're becoming a team. The romantic tension is really building and leaves us all wondering, "what's next!". The ending to this really came out of nowhere with Harm being shot by his own father. But is he really dead? =), time will tell. Great, great issue.

5 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

We find ourselves in the Cave, as Red Tornado, is creating a video to send to his stepdaughter Traya. AS every issue we see, Red Tornado's continued endeavor to become more human, shows more and more. Red Tornado is an emotional moment, seemed almost ready to cry, but, the ending to that thought would have to wait, as the villain of our story, Harm, appeared to have beaten the Headquarters security precautions and single handedly too out Red Tornado, as he shoved his magic sword through the body of Red Tornado. The least we see of both, is a disturbing image of Red Tornado, broken and beaten on the cave floor.

We cut to the household of Burt and Helen the parents of Harm. Discussing plans of how to handle their dangerous son. With tears in his eyes, Burt proclaimed to "do what he has too", as Helen left for her mothers.

We catch up with the team, returning from there battle with the D.E.O. (see Young Justice: Secret Files and Origins in the review section.) and more of the 1 sided jealously angle between Wonder Girl and Arrowette over the affections of Superboy. But the heat couldn't last long, as Impulse raced from the cave, telling of a mysterious visitor.

On some sort of time loop, the only clue left by Harm, repeats "Holy Beatles, Kids". Their first stakeout point falls to the vision of Wonder Girl, who preceded to figure out that there ways a Beatles convention in town. Sending Secret, Wonder Girl, and Impulse in to investigate, Robin stayed behind in the cave, pondering what else the riddle could be.

As Wonder Girl continued to obsess over Superboy and Arrowette, Robin figured out the riddle, with the connection to the Pope and the Beatles and soon, called for the away team to rally at St. Swithin's Cathedral, as Robin, Superboy, and Arrowette took off in the Super-Cycle in order to intercept with Harm, the missing Red Tornado and the away team.

Robin, again kicking himself for his mistakes, carries his feelings on as they race to the Cathedral, but already too late as Red Tornado, with a bomb implanted in his chest has stormed the Cathedral. As Red Tornado, advanced toward the Pope, Impulse made his way to intercept actually going toe-to-tow with Red Tornado, leaving Wonder Girl to leave the Cathedral with the Pope.

As Wonder Girl made it too the roof with the Pope, a quick save by Secret, prompted Wonder Girl to take action against Harm. Harm, still too power for Wonder Girl to handle too action as he warned her about the bomb inside Red Tornado. Impulse, still in the Cathedral, seemed to be holding his own with Red Tornado as the rest of the team arrived. With a save by Robin, the team went to help with the bomb and Red Tornado, as Harm and Robin went 1 on 1.

Superboy, Arrowette, Impulse, Secret and Wonder Girl, a strange guest appearance by Wally, who was standing in the Cathedral watching the action (nice touch Pad/Todd). Secret decided to take over the essence and body of Red Tornado, mentally, shutting him down form the inside.

Up on the roof, Robin thought he had his battle with Harm won, only to be beaten unconscious with a cheap shot and leg of a marble gargoyle. Harm, went on to gloat and attempt to end the life of Robin, possibly throw him off the roof of the Cathedral. On the inside, Impulse, after finding the bomb, super-vibrates the bomb out of the torso of Red Tornado, and rushes to exit the building. Robin unconscious in the hands of Harm, is luckily saved by Arrowette, who roped the foot of the fallen Robin, after knocking both Robin and Harm of the roof. Unfortunately, Impulse, bomb in hand was racing up the far wall, as Harm, slammed into him, catching the bomb and continuing to fall, as Wonder Girl and Impulse were knocked into the air and saved by Superboy as the bomb exploded. And Harm, disappeared from battle.. this time.

As the team returned home, Robin continued to kick himself for the stupidity of trying to take on Harm one on one, and the other mistakes that happened today as a team. Although the team celebrated together as a team, they party suddenly stopped as they got off the Super-Cycle, on to meet their predecessors, the Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, and the Martian Manhunter) waiting for them at the Cave.

As Billy (Harm) returned home, his father sat waiting for him. Telling his father of the super-vilian he'd one day become, he dare challenged his father, to take action against him. In what was the most surprising moment of the book, as we see Billy walking into his bedroom, we hear a gunshot, and see a giant hole blasted into the door of Billy's room. The door then opens to revel that Billy was shot right through the chest. Burt, with tears in his eyes, walked over the fallen Billy, proclaiming how he told his wife, he'd be man enough to handle this, the last thing we see is Burt standing over Billy, as he again pulled the trigger. And all were left is...wow.