Title: Young Justice
Issue: #6
Story: "Judgment Day!"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: T. Nauck
Inker: L. Stucker

My Comments
This has been one of the best issues of Young Justice yet. Peter David has this book mastered, and continues to leave us waiting till the next issue. An interesting twist I see, is "what did Secret really do to Despero's Ghost?" What more can I say about Nauck's artwork? After technically 9 issues of Young Justice related material, all I can say is that, he's the best.

4 1/2 outta 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

We start this issue at 10:02pm, as the boys face the villain known as Despero. At this moment, the bad guy is winning. Despero, in some sort of mind trick, has Superboy on his knees. After a smoke pellet and some quick double teaming, Despero was put down temporary. Two minutes later, as the smoke cleared, Despero made his intentions clear after taking a hostage. Since Robin is human, and Despero couldn't make sense of Impulse's mind, so he wanted Superboy to become his new host.

Back at the cave, Superman and Wonder Woman, were observing the events as the happened. They discussed the earlier conversation of trusting the boys to prove themselves. But couldn't figure out, "why where the boys fighting normal people?" Wonder Girl and Arrowette discussed why the Justice League was there, and attempted to talk to them, only to be shut down by an evil stare from Batman. After a conversation, between Red Tornado and Superman about his returned humanity, we go back in time to 9:54pm, when this all began.

The boys are suddenly surrounded by the Justice League. Explaining their actions from there previous cases. The Justice League explained that they had been monitoring the "Justice League Junior," and pointed out that, when there alone, they act more adult, but as a team they act, "juvenile." The only voice of the JLA had in favor of Young Justice was Green Lantern, who was quickly intimidated by Batman. A quick roar from the Super-cycle changed the conversation as the boys and their JLA counterparts went to check it out. As Red Tornado tried to talk them out of going, Superboy urged the JLA to let them watch how they work on there on. With bets in the air of the boys not being able to fix the crisis, Impulse's brashness ended up having an arrangement of 22 minutes and just the boys, else the team would be scrapped. Robin, being goaded into the test by Batman, left with the team to deal with the problem. Even though the JLA promised to let them go alone, Superman still sent The Martian Manhunter to spy on the boys and give them a view of how the boys acted.

10:00pm. The boys arrived and assessed the situation, and jumped into action. Robin instantly noticed that Despero's shadow wasn't his real shadow. Using his radio, Robin called Oracle and tried for some information realizing that he was fighting "the Ghost of Despero." Superboy, flying straight into action, fell first as Despero's mind tactics. From here the story is back in normal time.

10:06pm. Back at the cave, Wonder Woman, took a second to have a conversation with Wonder Girl. Discussing concerns of Cassie and the "Wonder Girl" costume, Wonder Woman broke into her disapproval of Cassie on the Young Justice team. Stating that she was dissatisfied with the boy's "undisciplined" attitude, she was afraid at this point in her training of Cassie picking up "bad habits"

10:07pm. Invisible to everyone else, the Martian Manhunter monitored the situation, reporting everything back to Superman. The Martian Manhunter, soon noticed the same thing the boys did. Although, they were fighting normal person, the Martian Manhunter, noticed the mind overlap. As Superman talked to the Manhunter via his telepathic link, the Red Tornado, decided to step in to confront Superman about his lie to the boys. Red Tornado noticed that the Manhunter was missing, and instantly knew from Superman's mutterings that the Manhunter was spying on the boys.

Back at the circus, Oracle radioed in about Despero. According to L-Ron's files, Despero had become a free floating evil essence. He tried to reinhabit his old body, only to have Supergirl, destroy the spirit. Since Despero is once again casting his "shadow" over normal people, it seems that Supergirl didn't destroy the spirit. Oracle went on to explain about the way he's taking over, and to not look him in the eyes.

10:10pm. As the boys dealt with a diversion of escaped circus animals, a smoke pellet from Robin's utility belt held an unlikely passenger. Secret had appeared. As the boys dealt with the animals, she confronted Despero, who began to hear "The Abyss" calling to him through Secret. As Despero fled the area, he had inhabited the body of the circus strong man, who was no running right in front of a tiger. The Martian Manhunter, coming out from invisibility, soon realized that it wasn't the strong man, and became the new host for Despero.

10:13pm. Realizing they'd just lost touch with The Martian Manhunter, Aquaman conceded that even though there was 4 minutes left, they needed to step in, which majorly pissed off Arrowette. Arrowette then laid into the JLA on how teens acted, and that the JLA wanted them to fail, and how the JLA were being too judgmental. The JLA were amazed by her sudden outburst, to which a smiling Green Lantern replied, "Rebuttal." Quickly exiting the room, Wonder Girl soon followed to find Arrowette hyperventilating into a paper bag. After a quick calming of nerves, Wonder Girl told Arrowette how jealous she had been of her, only to find out that Arrowette had been jealous of her. After a few smiles, the girls introduced themselves, and we rejoined the boys, battle in progress.

10:16pm. Robin, again noticing the shadows of Despero, realized that he'd taken over the Martian Manhunter. Sending Impulse in to grab the back of the invisible cape, some triple teaming saw Despero fly into the air, and Superboy swat him back down to the ground. Impulse and Superboy apologized to The Martian Manhunter for every punch, as Robin used a blow torch, the Martian Manhunter's main weakness, to flush Despero out of his body, in which Secret, took him and enveloped a smoke screen around him, and disappeared, sending him somewhere that she didn't even want to tell the boys about. The battle was over by 10:17. Young Justice had won!

10:21pm. Returning to the cave, and discussing the case, the Martian Manhunter, brought up a point of seeing a "cloud like being," to which Batman quickly interjected about Young Justice's first case, and the he'd hate to think they deceived them. To which Robin only replied he'd hate to think that too. After Superman gave Red Tornado and Young Justice permission to use the cave, he asked Red Tornado, to keep the JLA updated on the team, and team them how the parent/teacher conference goes. Can we saw... "team freakout?" See ya next month.