Title: Young Justice
Issue: 7
Story: "Conferences"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inker: Larry Stucker

My Comments
This was one of the better issues of Young Justice. Definitely not the best though. Peter tried and succeeded in capturing the feel his campout issue of X-Factor so long ago. This was a great story and its good to see more bonding between the kids. Some of the scenes between Ms. Jones and Ms. Sandmark were just hilarious, especially after the intervention with Nightwing. This was a great story and its good to see that this book lasted longer then Chase as well as some other great books that DC has killed preemptively.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

We join the entire team of Young Justice this issue on a campout. Using a portable generator the gang didn't quite think it was fun and opted to use a real campfire. As the boys and girls separated to setup camp back at the cave a catfight was going on between the mentors of the young heroes. As the mother's of Arrowette and Wondergirl had a catfight all over the cave as onlookers Dubbilex (mentor of Superboy) and Max Mercury (mentor of Impulse) decided whether or not to get involved. As the ladies battled into the entrance of the cave quietness came about them as Nightwing entered the scene with the combatants in hand. After Nightwing asked Red Tornado to give him an explanation, we return to the gang at the campsite.

As the gang sat around the fire roasting marshmallows it came up to Cissie to decided to have some fun and challenge the gang to a game of "Truth or Dare". As Robin objected, Cissie reminded him that for tonight everyone was on a first name basis, with the exception of the "mystery boy" Robin. Impulse thinking this would be a great game started to inquire as to how to play and even wanted to go first but everyone was left with a problem, What could they possibly dare Impulse to do? Robin's dare to Impulse, "keep quiet for five minutes", Impulse made it almost one before Superboy tricked him into talking by commenting on his hairstyle. Secret was next to be asked and opted for truth which left Wondergirl to ask about her first time… you know, to kiss a boy. Secret went on to tell a story of her earliest memory of the D.E.O. where a young lab assistant came into the room and tried to kiss her but looked directly into her eyes and couldn't stop screaming. As Secret innocently finished her story that gang sat amazed at what they had just heard.

At the cave, Red Tornado gave Nightwing the run down as to what had happened since the guests arrived. As Red Tornado explained to the group about the objectives of the team, many of mentors and parents had parents. Most notable was Ms. Jones's want for her daughter to be the star of attention. Ms. Jones made it quite clear the team and her daughter need media attention and she intends to make sure that her daughter is the teams glory which finally angered Ms. Sandmark the mother of Wonder Girl. Ms. Sandmark made many comments about Ms. Jones's lack of care for her daughter's safety as well as challenged Ms. Jones on if she knew that her daughter had caught an arrow in the shoulder. The last comment started the brawl. As Red Tornado finished the discussion, Nightwing took to the front as he asked for the meeting to continue and then put Ms. Jones in her place about what he does and doesn't know about being a mentor and a superhero.

Back in to wood a couple of hunters got the scare of their lives. As the hunters took aim on a defenseless baby dear, Impulse caught the bullets in midair and Secret took the form as the mother of all pissed off woodland creatures and sent the hunters running for their lives. Secret and Impulse rejoined the team as Superboy took his turn daring Robin to take off his mask.

At the meeting Red Tornado continued to explain about his role on the team and the progress of each of its members and their interaction with each other. Ms. Jones again decided to speak out against the other guests, but after a scan by Dubbilex he challenged on Ms. Jones lie about knowing the condition of her daughter. As Ms. Jones continued to lie about her "close relationship" with her daughter, Red Tornado asked the question, "If any of you wishes to withdraw your young charges…please say so now." Knowing that someone would ask to play this game, Robin prepared himself by wearing two masks. IT got pretty serious as Cissie asked about if Robin would drop the mask and be normal if he could. Robin's reply to that, he explained that he would stop being Robin when there was no more innocent people being threatened, no more criminals breaking the law, no more crime or wrongdoing. Arrowette went on to explain about her confusion with her mom pushing her to be a hero and her conflicts of the her/her mom issues in her head. Wondergirl was very excited to be a hero. Her opinion on the situation was that she was doing stuff that would be legendary and there is no way she would give up. Secret explained that she would give anything to have a normal life, while Impulse came to the revelation "he's normal, the rest of the world is weird". Superboy explained that he was the happiest boy on Earth. Not only was he Superboy, but he had eternal youth. He wasn't a boy, he was "Peter-flippin-Pan". He teammates believe him to be in denial.

As the conference came to an end, all the parents and mentors suddenly realize that there charges are all on a campout. Together! As Ms. Jones and Ms. Sandmark expressed their concern, Red Tornado escorted them to the campsite. When the trio arrived, they found Superboy sitting awake by the fire expressing his fear that even his shadow would grow up and leave him. The "Boy of Steel" really was worried that he'd never grow up. As Red Tornado interrupted his chat with the shadow, Superboy pointed out the location of the girls tent. As the mothers looked in on the girls they found the girls all asleep and an offhand remark from Ms. Sandmark found the scene so cute that "it was to die for." As Superboy then remembered a quote from Peter Pan, "to die… would be a great adventure."