Title: Young Justice
Issue: 8
Story: "The Uninvited Geeks"
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Todd Nauck/ Coy Turnbull
Inker: Larry Stucker/ Jaime Mendoza

My Comments
I really think that Chuck Dixon can put out some great teen books. Known for his work on Robin and Nightwing, Dixon can make a really great story when he has the material and he didn't let down with this book. Bringing back the Psyba-Rats may have been a way for Chuck to return some of the characters that he created back into the shuffle but I say do it. The Psyba-Rats are a team that could use a little more exposure and maybe another mini or two. I think the combined artwork for Nauck and Turnbull was a nice touch. Graphically there is a lot going on in the story although I still stand by the fact that Superboy comes across looking very foolish and poorly drawn in the story but over all that is the only real gripe with this issue.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The Psyba-Rats are invading the cave headquarters of Young Justice. Channelman's first objective was to short-circuit Red Tornado and for the second issue in a row, Red Tornado was left fried. With the tornado helpless, Rae (Razorsharp) and Hackman, Working for a mystery client, Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats's objective was to hack into Young Justice's/JLA's computer systems and steal the information.

With the team away, the Psyba-Rats assumed that the cave was hero-free. Wrong. Arrowette in the training room was practicing her targeting skills. When contacting Red Tornado, Arrowette got a surprise as she met Channelman. Thinking it was the guys playing a joke, Arrowette almost missed Razorsharp's attack.

Outside the cave the team had arrived back but found themselves locked out of the cave. Robin's controller wouldn't open the door, nor could he contact Red Tornado. Sending Impulse to see if the other entrances were locked too, Robin had to then deal with a whining Superboy and his temper tantrum since he could not get into the cave to see "Wendy The Werewolf Stalker". Impulse under Robin's direction was to vibrate through the door and get them in.

Razorsharp was finding out that Arrowette was not such an easy person to defeat. Arrowette continued to deflect Razor's attacks and even managed to bring Rae to her knee's after a direct hit with one of her "respiratory irritant" arrows. As Arrowette stood over Rae trying to get some answers, Hackman snuck into the room and used a stun gun on Arrowette bringing her to her knees. As Hackman and Rae went back to work, Channelman alerted them that someone else had entered the cave.

Inside Impulse was having some fun with Robin and Superboy, trying to get Robin to give him permission for two weeks of game programming. Outside Robin was loosing patience with Impulse, and after more of Superboy's whining lost patience with Superboy. As Robin told Superboy has stupid he was being, Secret volunteered to go inside, as Robin tried to tell Impulse about Secret's entrance all he got was air. Impulse at warp speed was searching the cave to find Red Tornado or Arrowette. Stumbling upon Red Tornado, Impulse informed Robin that he'd found Red Tornado shorted out before he could give Robin any more info, Impulse was attacked by Vance Carnage from "Terminal Odyssey" (Channelman).

Inside as Impulse and Channelman fought Secret has made her way back into the cave, and has come upon a tied up Arrowette. Hackman and Rae are still trying to download the cave's files and are finding that its taking way too much time. While talking to Channelman about processing the work faster, Channelman detected the chemical change in the air created by Secret and vacuumed her out of the cave, but not before she freed.

Outside the cave, Robin and Superboy were out of options and out of patience causing Superboy to finally blow it and rip the door off the cave. Rae and Hacker got everything downloaded onto disks and were bragging about how much they had made until an arrow through the disks destroyed all their plans. Before Arrowette and Razorsharp could go for round 2, Superboy and Robin joined in. Robin and Razorsharp instantly identified each other, causing Razorsharp to instantly apologized claiming she didn't know Robin was involved. Razor went to explain that she had received a commission over the net and was to transmit all information regarding "Magellan Imports". After Razor mentioned "Magellan Imports" Robin instantly was able to track back whom there mysterious client was.

In a home on the river of Gotham, one of Nightwing's enemies waits for information to be uploaded. As the information come into Mr. Desmond instead of getting the information from the Young Justice computers, Mr. Desmond also known as the villain Blockbuster. The virus uploaded into the system totally wiped the computers of Desmond and left a cute screen of Young Justice telling Blockbuster, "better luck next time".