Title: Young Justice
Issue: 9
Story: "Thug of War"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inker: Lary Stucker/ Jon Sibal

My Comments
I think that this begins one of the better 2 part storylines in Young Justice. The art for this book just keep getting more and more detailed also the jokes are getting better, congrats go to Peter David on that. I found the “Hugga-Tugga-Thuggees” to be really an annoying name. Come on, could we come up with a better name for the Hybrid Barney-Teletubbie clones. The whole “knock on the door and get the entire explanation” gag really was one of the funniest parts of the book. This issue is a must read, part two should really rock.

3 ½ out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Everyone's favorite kids show the "Hugga-tugga-thugees" has become the top sensation in kids’ cartoons and parents just love it. Not. On this random night, little Pammy’s woke her mom up at 4am, by cranking up the TV just a little too loud. As Pammy’s mom made her way down the stairs to put little Pammy back in bed, Pammy’s mom was to first to find out that maybe the “Hugga-tugga-thugees” may not be the show for her daughter, but before she can vocalize this Pammy’s mom tripped on her way down the stairs only to find little 1 ½ year old Pammy waiting with a butcher’s knife. Pammy’s mom has a 50/50 chance of living.

Cassie (Wonder Girl) and her mom Ms. Sandmark discuss Cassie’s Friday night activity, baby-sit the Madison Twins, Jason and Jan. Already trying to explain that she had plans with Cissie (Arrowette, Ms. Sandmark convinced Cassie to get Cissie to join her and baby-sit, to which Cissie agreed.

In Keystone City, Tim (Robin) and his dad discussed the morning’s events. Tim noticing a trend lately of children injuring their parents, but no one could figure out what the trend is. The only realization they were left with was that “maybe bad things just happen”.

Back at the cave, Robin sat still trying to ponder the case. Impulse and Superboy played a game of Chess. As Robin inquired about the presence of Wonder Girl and Arrowette, Impulse explained about the baby-sitting gig, and quickly defeated Superboy and challenged to another game.

Cassie Sandmark is slowly losing her mind. Cissie is dead asleep on the couch and must deal with the terror that is “The Madison Twins”. Putting in the new “Hugga-tugga-thugees” tape, Cassie left the kids hypnotized in front of the TV and suddenly picked up the phone for a call from Superboy. As Cassie and the Kid chatted, the Madison Twins made there way to the kitchen and picked up two butcher knife’s and made there way towards the sleeping Cissie with the word “Kali” on there mind. Cissie awakening in the knick of time narrowly missed a slash by the Jason Madison. Cissie found herself pinned down by the twins and under attack. Sending Jan flying into a bunch of baby dolls, Cissie tossed Jason down and pinned him while taking the knife. As Cissie tried to get some answers, Ms Madison walked in and immediately called the cops!

Superboy realizing something was wrong got Robin and Secret who were studying the case of the “kids attacking parents”, and quickly convinced the team to go to their aid. As the police was taking Cissie away, a sudden blinding light and smoke screen saved Cassie and Cissie from the police and brought them to the Super-Cycle and the saving arms of Young Justice.

Robin concerned that YJ just abetted a fugitive let the girls explain what got them into trouble. AS the girls explained the “Hugga-tugga-thugee” tape, Cissie explained that the kids were screaming “Kali”. Robin quickly explained Hindu Mythology and the translation to the word “thug”. Robin brought the tape back to the cave, and as YJ watched the show, Impulse suddenly freaked when he stared into the badge carried by one of the “Thugees”, Impulse saw an image of a wasteland word or fire and skulls. Oracle makes a guest appearance as she traces whom the corporation running the “Thugees” in which Robin guesses that it’s “Calcutta”. Oracle wondering how he knew was met with the explanation that “Calcutta” was derived from “Khalighata” which means the “Steps of Kali”. Young Justice was on their way to “Calcutta”.

Finding the first house that looked “Indiana Jones” like, Robin’s plan was simple, knock on the door and asks. To everyone’s surprise the butler explained the entire thing! The “(Thugee Cult) have created a child-friendly image in the form of the Hugga-Tugga-Thugees and made them an international phenomenon. But secretly, certain of the tapes contain sorcerously subliminal images, visible only to the very simple and pure of mind. We will be using these images as part of a master plan to corrupt innocent minds and in turn, bring Kali back into our sphere so that she will rule the World”. No sooner did Impulse claim how easy that were, Robin, Arrowette, and Impulse feel as the ground beneath them disappeared and closing behind them sealing Wonder Girl, Secret and Superboy from coming inside.

Working their way down the tunnel, Robin, staff in hand slowed down there decent, only to find that the tunnel was filling behind them with liquid metal. Impulse taking Arrowette and Robin in hand raced to exit the tunnel. Outside, Superboy, Wonder Girl and Arrowette found a new problem, Kali in the sky. Continued next month.