Title: Young Justice
Issue: "The Secret"
Story: "The Secret"
Writer: Todd Dezago
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inker: ???

My Comments
Of any Young Justice story I've read this one has always been my favorite. The character "Secret" and the "DEO", have such possibilities for Young Justice and the DCU. Seeing Superboy, Robin, and Impulse working together as a team, written by Dezago, is almost completely different from Young Justice written from Peter David. I really in love the series right after his work on JLA: World Without Grown Ups 1 & 2, this is the best Official Young Justice story there is." I'm also hoping after seeing the artwork, here that Todd Nauck stays a long, long time.

4 outta 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

  The book opens with Robin being interrogated by an unseen host. He story begins with him meeting Impulse and Superboy, who had came to the evacuated town, after hearing about it on the news.

It seems that the D.E.O. had lost one of its creatures. A highly dangerous and volatile creature that was capable of changing its gaseous state, and changing its toxicity to kill at any time. At least that is what he said. Doesn't mean that is what happened.

Reluctantly. The DEO, asked "the team", to step in and find "the creature", giving them 2 hours before the air strike could remove the creature.

As the boys leapt into action. After an initial debate between Robin and Superboy, Robin devised a plan to capture the creature. Send Impulse to the DEO Compound to steal a container to contain the creature. Superboy with Robin and Impulse in toe carried them both to the top of the ledge over looking the city. After Robin explained the plan, he sent Impulse running though the city exploring every single place to see if he could draw out the creature. As Impulse began to search the local cemetery, a large smoky monster suddenly appeared. And it wasn't happy.

Following the plan, Superboy leapt into action, bracing himself to the ground, with the canister in hand; Impulse raced around the "creature" creating a suction effect drawing the creature into the canister. Although the boys celebrated their teamwork, something strange began to stir in the bottle. The gas began to take shape in the shape of a teenage girl.

The "creature" proceeded to tell the boys of the horrors she's found in the DEO. She also explained about the experiments that the D.E.O. conducted on her and other children, as well as her amazing escape. And ordered exception. Listening to the story, the boys ganged together to figure out if they should help "her" or not, only to discover that "she" could escape on her own. She explained to the boys that she wanted to have the boy's trust that is why she didn't.

"She" began to tell the boys of what will happen to her if the DEO catches her, mixing her with another gas potassium chloride which will render her "inert", who after explaining, with basically kill her. The boy's decided that they should return the cylinder to the DEO. Unfortunately, as the DEO was adding in some oxygen to sedate the inhabitant of the bottle, a "unexpected" explosion, caused by the "oxygen mixture", left the bottle and whatever inhabitants destroyed.

And that is how it happened. As the boys told Superman, Flash, Batman and Max Mercury. But sometimes, that "adults' don't need to know everything.

Later in the night, as the boys ganged together, a bunch of strange plastic shells were found on the ground. "Smoke capsules. never leave the Batcave without them" exclaimed Robin. An open bottle reveled that "she" was still alive. The boys had played the DEO. As "she" dispelled into the night, the boys came to the realization; "she can only stay free if she stays "dead". This goes no further, you guys. We keep it among ourselves. A Secret".

As the adult heroes talked together, they came to agree that the boys could be trusted, and the maybe the DEO wasn't on the level. But leave it to Batman to put it to a head. "And if, for some reason, they couldn't tell us the entire truth, well we all have our little secrets.don't we?" (Couldn't have said it better myself.)