Title: Young Justice
Issue: Secret Files #1
Story: "Take Back the Night"
Writer: D. Curtis Johnson
Pencils: Ale Garza
Inker: ?????

My Comments
This was not one of my favorite stories. Unfortunately the book in its entirety wasn't much better. The art was shotty, and although the plot was pretty good, it was kinda spoiled by the bad artwork. Glad that the specific story is over, and maybe well get back to the great stories that have been happening. Sorry guys, this on isn't worth the $5.

2 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

  We start with the combined team of Young Justice. All 6 members, not including Red Tornado, standing poised as they plan their raid on the D.E.O. compound. Already worried of the mission, many of the team states their concerns.

We now cut inside the compound and meet two girls. Casey, a young girl with the power to pick up on psychic impressions from other people, and Claire, a girl with the abilities to create portals. Discussing why they came to the D.E.O. and other aspects of the "School", they inadvertently pick up on Lutwidge and the D.E.O. security team, standing over a bunch of monitors, using her portal power, Casey and Claire, suddenly see all to clear as to what is going on.

As the team springs into action, Impulse and Wonder girl take the low roads, securing a couple cars and the security guards. Robin, Secret, Superboy and Arrowette, took the high road and invaded the compound.

The D.E.O., always being a step ahead, were well aware of the teams' arrival and had already started monitoring and recording data of the heroes. Including Secret.

As the team fought there way into the compound, the Justice League, or at least something resembling the Justice League suddenly met the team. After getting trashed, the JLA suddenly vanished. Let with a lot of damage and questions, Casey and Claire suddenly approached Young Justice. Explaining about their powers, Claire and Casey suddenly joined the ranks to help the team. Using the portal technology, Claire "tuned" the team across the base, Robin, hacked into there computer base, learning that the D.E.O., has been keeping track of all the heroes, detailed files which Robin, uploaded to a server for Batman and the real JLA to destroy. Claire again keeping tabs, noticed the oncoming team of security agents. There plan set, the team sprung into action.

Superboy using one of Claire's portals, went into action freeing the imprisoned kids, the girls and Robin left the room via a tunnel and blew up the computer terminal to mask there escape. As the team started to free the kids, Casey with another great illusion, threw up a brick wall to halt the guards, although the guards soon realized that the wall was fake, and stormed the room, only to good toe-to-toe with Young Justice, and lose. The team destroyed the wall, and freed the kids, carrying them away by van full. Casey and Claire stayed, wanting to really learn more from the D.E.O.

The official D.E.O. report filed by Mr. Bones, follows Agent Chase's idea of corruption in the center, states that the children were divided up among other orphanages, and Lutwidge and Charles being sent to another project "Out West". But, were left with the faces of two innocent girls, that would never be wrapped up in something wrong.