DeForest Kelley Memorial, by Carrie Larson!

DeForest Kelley Memorial

by: Carrie Larson

(Let me preference this by saying that Carrie Larson is the most devoted DeForest Kelley
fan I have ever met!)

Here is my memorial to De.

June 11, 1999 is definitely the saddest day in TREK history, because it is the day that the "BIG DE" died. Even though, we his De-voted fans are in mourning over his death, we can still be thankful.

Why? Because DeForest Kelley has been a great role model for us all in the way that he lived his life. He showed us how to live a moral and decent life and he always put everyone else's needs a head of his own.

DeForest Kelley was a wonderful man with a compassionate heart. He cared deeply for his friends and his fans. That is why his fans and the people that knew him, loved him so much.

Lastly, I think that every De fan owes his wife Carolyn a big thank you. After all, she shared her husband with us for over 50 years. Let us show our gratitude by giving her our support, love and prayers.

DeForest Kelley has passed away, but his memory will live on forever in our hearts.

With All My Love, Carrie Larson

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