Leonard Nimoy on William Shatner Biography

Leonard Nimoy on Man From Uncle

When Bill and De came on.

It would create opportunities

To find a place around there

Leonard as Spock!

We were like two brothers.

Gene really did not know how to deal with us.

This is a great opportunity.

In comes Bill with his agenda.

Star Trek had a small budget.

It was like working on a slave ship.

Bill was always running into tree branches.

If his Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is as good as mine, he should burn it.

Bill can't do the Vulcan Greeting!

We tied his fingers together with fishing lines.

Leonard directed Star Trek IV

Leonard directs Star Trek IV!

Did you hear what Bill said on Saturday Night Live?

Bill thought it was appropriate and funny.

Jimmy Doohan hates Bill.

Bill wants to get on with his life.

Bill is a pussy cat.

Leonard Nimoy adds his personal touch to William Shatner's Biography!

Leonard relates the good and bad times of his friend, Bill Shatner and the Star Trek years.

Bill is an exciting man!

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COPYRIGHT 1998 By Mary Jensen