Nintendo Emulators

NESTICLE Emulators
NESTICLE-This emulator is the BEST one out isn't worth puttin the other emulators on this page.

Gameboy Emulators

Gameboy YR
Gameboy 97-This emulator is alittle slow on my computer. Gameboy 98 is out and ill have that on my site soon.
Virtual Gameboy
Virtual Gameboy-This emulator is a dos emulator and its pretty good.

Super Nintendo Emulators

ZSNES Emulators
ZNES v.800c!-The Newest ZNES Emulator, This is the best SNES emulator in my opinion it runs great on my slow computer!! I love it!
ZNES v.715-A ZNES Emulator
ZNES v0.400-A ZNES Emulator.

SNES9X Emulators
SNES9x v.110-The Newest SNES9x Emulator.
SNES9x v.24-A little slower on my computer, but its a good Emulator. ITs probabaly the second best.

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