Friday the 13th

Holy SHIT..If you just heard that Wav thats supposed to play when you open this page you know what im talking about..I remember as a kid I had to turn of the sound because I was scared shitless from that thing. Ok please check out this page its going to be a cool one. I'll talk about the game and maybe you can help me with it because I can't beat it! And sorry about that wav..I know your scared now!
Thursday July23,1998 I Chris Played Friday the 13th and after many years playing it I Finally

BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, Here is this awesome game, just one click away -Friday the 13
Go here to see my Review on Friday the 13th, This ain't no normal review...Click Here Piture gallery, where I Make fun of pics of the game....Click Here Just send the infomation above to the mail address below

1997 Jason Voorhees