You want some Midi's?! then go some where else..just kidding. I'll try to collect as many Midi's as I can. IF there isnt one on this page and you really ..i mean REALLY want it then E-mail me your request and ill try my VERY VERY best to get you that Midi..i know im nice
Adventure Island Area 1
Adventures of Lolo Floor 1
Ballon Fight Ballon trip
Baseball Simulator 1.000 Ultra!! League Games
Batman: Return of Joker Level 1
Battle of Olympus Arcadia
Bionic Commando Level 1, Map
Blaster Master Intro, Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, Area 4, Area 5, Area 6, Area 8
Bomberman Stage 1, Start of Stages
Bubble Bobble This Midi Rules!
Bucky O'Hare Stage Select, Title Screen
Castlevania Stage 1
Contra Level 1, Medley of Entire Soundtrack
Crystalis Inside the Pyramid
Donkey Kong After Pushing Start, When Mario DIES!, Start of the Stages
Double Dragon Title Song, Mission 1, Mission 2
Dr. Mario Fever Music, Chill Music
Dragon Warrior Battles, Towns, Title Screen, Overworld (Alefgard), Caves of Alefgard, King Lorik's Chamber
Final Fantasy Battles, Airship Theme, Bridge to Pravokan Territory , Castle Theme, Victory Music, Earth Cave, Ending Sequence, Floating Palace, Marsh Cave, Matoya's Cave, Overworld,Seabound Ship,Sea Shrine,Shops,Temple of Fiends, Towns
Gauntlet Level Song, Title Screen
Ice Hockey Team Select Screen, Title Screen,Intermisssion
Kid Icarus Castle, Title Screen, Underworld (Road to 1st Castle), Overworld(Road to 2nd Castle), Sky World (Road to 3rd Castle)
Kirby's Adventure Butter Building, Grape Garden,Nightmare, Vegetable Valley
Life Force Bosses, Level 1,Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6
Mega Man Title Screen, Boss Battles, Bomb Man Stage, Cut Man Stage, Elec Man Stage, Fire Man Stage, Guts Man Stage, Ice Man Stage, After Boss Defeat, First Dr. Wily Stage
Mega Man 2 Title Screen, Boss Battles, Air Man Stage, Bubble Man Stage, Crash Man Stage, Flash Man Stage, Heat Man Stage, Metal Man Stage, Quick Man Stage, Wood Man Stage
Mega Man 3 Introduction, Proto Man Theme, Gemini Man Stage, Hard Man Stage, Magnet Man Stage, Needle Man Stage, Shadow Man Stage, Snake Man Stage, Spark Man Stage, Top Man Stage
Mega Man 4 Intro, Boss Battles, Bright Man Stage, Dive Man Stage, Drill Man Stage, Dust Man Stage, Pharaoh Man Stage, Ring Man Stage, Skull Man Stage, Toad Man Stage
Mega Man 5 Charge Man Stage, Crystal Man Stage, Gravity Man Stage, Gyro Man Stage, Star Man Stage, Wave Man Stage
Mega Man 6 Blizzard Man Stage, Centaur Man Stage, Flame Man Stage, Knight Man Stage, Plant Man Stage, Tomahawk Man Stage, Wind Man Stage, Yamato Man Stage
Metroid Beginning,Brinstar, Kraid's Lair, Norfair, Ridley's Lair, Title Screen
Punch Out!! Fight Theme, Running Music
Rampage George's Theme
Rygar Level 1, Level 2
Startropics Action Areas, Captain Bell's Shrine, Conversing with Village Chiefs, Ending, Overworld, Title Screen, Towns - Miracola and All After, Traps Within Alien Ship, Sailing in Sub-C
Super Mario Bros. Overworld Levels, Underworld Levels, Water Levels
Super Mario Bros. 2 Caves, Character Select Screen, Overworld Levels, Sub-Space
Super Mario Bros. 3 Inter-Player Competitions, Level Song 1,Level Song 2, Mushroom House, Spade Games, Underworld, Warp Zones, World 1,World 3, World 4, World 5, World 6, World 7, World 8
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Overworld
Tetris Type-A Music, Type-B Music,Type-C Music
Wizards & Warriors Boss Battles, Cave Stages, Critical Status, Forest Stages, Ironspire, Potion, Title Screen, Within Tree Trunks
The Legend of Zelda Links Death, Labyrinths, Overworld of Hyrule, Reception of Triforce Fragments, Title Screen
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Boss Battles, Forests and caves +, Crystal Palaces, Great Palace, Title Screen, Towns, Houses of Townfolk
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