Unidad II

Parte “b”




La oración simple: orden lógico. Formas afirmativa, negativa e interrogativa. Artículos. Formas plurales y singulares. Verbo "to be".




The sentence


This computer system is very sophisticated.               Affirmative

This computer system is not very sophisticated.            Negative

Is this computer system very sophisticated?              Interrogative.




The article


This is the new computer.            (Referring to one computer in particular)

This is a new computer.            (Referring to one computer in general)




Singular & plural nouns





                        SINGULAR                                        PLURAL


                        disk                                                      disks

                        computer                                             computers

                        file                                                        files




                        datum                                                   data

                        phenomenon                                        phenomena

                        curriculum                                           curricula

                        nucleus                                     nucleii




Verb “to be” (Present Simple)





I am

You are

He is

She is

It is

We are

You are

They are