Unidad IV

Parte “b”


Presente Simple. Voz Pasiva con verbos regulares e irregulares. (Introducción)







Present Simple (verbs in general)


We use COBOL for that purpose.                   He uses COBOL for that purpose.                  (A)

We do not use COBOL for that purpose.        He does not use COBOL for that purpose       (N)

Do we use COBOL for that purpose?             Does he use COBOL for that purpose?           (I)





The Active Voice and the Passive Voice


We use the Active Voice when the subject of the sentence is important. We use the Passive Voice when we want to emphasize the action itself, not the subject of the sentence.



ACTIVE VOICE                                            PASSIVE VOICE


* We use a new computer.                              * A new computer is used.

* She will send a message soon.                      * A message will be sent soon.

* I wrote a long letter.                                     * A long letter was written.

* They have read your e-mail.                          * Your e-mail was read.

* We can bring it tomorrow.                            * It can be brought tomorrow


(NOTE the structures of the active sentences and the passive sentences)





Translation of sentences in the Passive Voice


* A new computer is used                   Una nueva computadora es usada.

                                                           Se usa una nueva computadora.


* A message will be sent soon.             Un mensaje será enviado pronto.

                                                           Se enviará un mensaje pronto.


* A long letter was written.                  Una carta larga fue escrita.

                                                           Se escribió una carta larga.


* Your e-mail was read.                      Tu e-mail fue leído.

                                                           Se leyó tu e-mail.


* It can be brought tomorrow.             Puede ser traído mañana.

                                                           Se lo puede traer mañana.