Email message to :

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection:
From: Ben Oostdam
Date: May 20, 1999
re: NYC Sludge in Lancaster County, PA

Dear Friends:

In order to verify the NYC Deputy Commissioner's letter to the
Editor of the Lancaster New Era dated May 19, 1999 as well as
statements made by Rep.John Barley at the Citizen Breakfast
Meeting at Willow Valley on May 14 concerning the benefits of NYC
sludge ("biosolids") for Lancaster farms, I respectfully request
to receive the following items:
(A) copy of J.P. Mascaro & Sons' completed PDEP Form 43: request
for approval to dispose of or process sewage sludge
(B) PDEP's response to above &/or copy of permit issued
(C) copy of J.P. Mascaro's completed PDEP Form N: Composting
(D) PDEP's response to above &/or copy of permit issued
(E) Copies of two or more "certified lab tests of incoming NYC
truckloads to determine that it is in compliance with levels for
pathogens, vector attraction reduction, metals, pH and percent
(F) Copies of two or more "500 cubic yard finished compost and
product test for fecal coliform levels and chemical concentration
limits in order to ensure that it is an Exceptional Quality
In addition, it would be appreciated if you would give serious
consideration to the following suggestion:
"to have PDEP (&/or J.P.Mascaro & Sons, &/or NYC Bureau of
Wastewater Pollution Control) publish on the World Wide Web a
monthly summary of all relevant tests performed at or for the
Mascaro Composting Facilities showing the laboratory used, number
of tests, monthly minimum-, average- and maximum values of each
test as well as the maximum levels permitted by PDEP and the USEPA."
Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. I can be reached at and also maintain a website entitled:
"PA Sludge" at