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7/31/04 - Everybodies a Critic...

So I checked out an advance screening of The Village and here is my micro-review...
So yeah M. Night as definenty hit his stride and I can't see it going anywhere but down from here. he relies way too heavily on twists, making his movies(in my opinion) less watchable on multiple occasions. I'm kind of iffy on my opinion on whether this was really good, or straight out bad. But I guess for the most part it's pretty enjoyable, except when it drags in a few scenes when all you really want to see is a creature appear. The twist was definently unexpected, but the lead in was pretty slowly paced...Im still not sure what to say about this movie, but its definently a love it or hate it kind of movie. so I'll have to go split on rating this

ALSO, Please visit my DeviantART page to view some of my photography and drawings not seen on my tripod page. Thank you.
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11/18/03 - "Were you looking at my bum?"

A new page is up and it has nothing to do with Austin Powers, much like many of the posts I have made. Anyway it's a collection of drawings I have decided to share with you all. Just click the eyes to see the full drawing. No, they aren't just drawings of eyes.
Click Here To Enter My Gallery of Eyes...err I mean Drawings!!
DISCLAIMER: Please don't be some PC Thug and steal my drawings, thanks.

9/2/03 - Sketching, it's the "S"

Check out the site of a wonderful artist I met on "Isketch".
Click Here
Be sure to look at her sketch page, and play Isketch at

4/20/03 - "Dunkin"

Click Already

PA Mirror

3/24/03 - Nostalgia Ahoy

I've recently aquired a box of the original Topps 1990 TMNT series 2 trading cards, the box is a little beat up but it only cost $2.50. each pack has 5 cards 1 sticker and 1 stick of gum. Thats right gum, disgusting horrible card gum. The gum has not stood the test of time, I tried it and tastes like wet cardboard(not that I know what that tastes like). Well maybe not that bad but defenitly not for consuming. The cards are not for sale.

Card Box
Open Card Box
Card Pack
"Bubble Gum"
"Turtles Undercover" Card
"Yosagi in Action" Card
Baxter the Fly sticker

12/18/02 - I'm Blue

Hey, you see those fancy little buttons on the menu bar? Well click them, These are either a link to a friends site or a site I visit often. Enjoy!