28 May, 1999:

After a long delay we finally managed to get a release of Scarlet Knight's PIX Drawer. PIX Drawer Alpha 8 is available in the PIX Drawer Page. Go check it out! He also said that he'll be working on a new menuing system so editing your sprites will be nicer in the next version. Please keep in mind this is only an Alpha(not a Beta) so be kind. :) Any questions about PIX Drawer should be directed to Scarlet Knight. I know he'd appreciate the feedback.

19 January, 1999:

Well, the counter almost made it to 5000! :) Tripod must have reset all the page counters. New member Master Illusion has been put in charge of the sprite output routeens within the PSE unit. He'll also be assisting me in adding the VESA modes and Protected Mode memory management.

29 December, 1998:

I've finally got you those Screenshots! Check them out at the PIX Drawer Page! Also I've updated the PSE Package once again! I've put the PIX Drawing Program back into the package and have fixed the TSE 2 PSE converter. There should be no more problems with this Pre-Release package now.

15 November, 1998:

Oops! Well, I just got our first bug report. It seems I goofed and forgot to include the XMS Memory manager that allows PSE to access the XMS memory. So I've updated the current version to Pre-Release A and have included in it the memory manager. Sorry about this I only knew as soon as someone spoke up. So please don't give up on us that quick! The more bug reports the better it will become! So thanks to those that do speak up and download the new version of PSE! Sorry, this was an unexpected update so no PIX Drawer screenshots. Next one I promise!

13 November, 1998:

Hopefully will have a second release of the pre-release soon. A Pre-Version of the PIX Drawer will be included. Saving the trouble of figuring out how to convert the sprite files. PSE will be faster and hopefully have rotation by then. Screenshots will be included in the next update!

13 October, 1998:

Finally we have a new member, Kimon Hoffmann. He will be working on a TMT Pascal port of PSE. Also there are some delays with PIX Drawer, but I'm planning to put up some screen shots of some parts that have been done soon. Fixed the Speedy GFX Commands Quick Mail form, so if you sent in an entry I never got it sorry. But please resend it I still want to get as many as possible.

23 September, 1998:

Pascal Sprite Engine Pre-Release FINISHED! Please e-mail me for your copy. Also you have noticed the nice page background no? :) Hopefully I'll beable to get my little ant friends in 3D color too! (hint, hint) AND just in case you haven't noticed I've added a guestbook to the page(near the bottom) so sign it! I wanna see just how many people are interested in PSE.

14 September, 1998:

PSE Pre-Release soon to be out! PIX Drawer will not be included in the package. However I will include an early developement drawer for usage until we can get a fully working version of PIX Drawer. Also the Pre-Release will not be added to the web page and must be requested, since it is a *Pre* Release and not the actual package. This is to beta test and speed up the waiting period you'll have to wait before you can get all the advantages of PSE. Hope to have it out by the end of next week.

20 August, 1998:

PIX Drawer is off to an excelent start. Really nice interface, menus, tool bars and can open multiple windows for editing sprites. A version of the drawer will be included in the 1.0 release of PSE. XMS support implemented with the sprite images. Purple Viking cannot stay with the project, due to his personal life, so he has sadly left Red Ant Productions.

11 August, 1998:

It has been too long since I've updated this site. Well PSE has really exploded in the way of production. Alot of bugs have been fixed. It now supports Virtual Screen Buffering, Auto Palette Fading, Background Image Buffering and of course Sprites. A good few graphics commands have been added: SetMCGA, PutPixel, H(orizontal)Line, V(ertical)Line, Line, Box and Circle. Hopefully we'll have XMS memory access instead of conventional soon. VESA modes are soon to become a reality aswell. May have VESA modes in first release. Also the drawer is comming along quite nicely as Ivan is making a well worth effort into it.

2 July, 1998:

Been a while since I've updated this page. Figured I should to make sure you didn't think we gave up. Tackled that little bug only to find annother one. Grrrreat! I'm pleased with all the interest and do welcome more if any exists. Hope to have an alpha really soon.

27 May, 1998:

New graphic for PSE added to the page! Thanks to Emil for the excelent job. Still having problems with the unit still. Looks like the project will be stalled for a few weeks. But will continue as soon as July hits for sure. By that time I'll have this problem fixed and Ivan will have started on the sprite drawer.

6 May, 1998:

I'm glad to say we have a new member on the PSE project! Purple Viking will be doing the optimizing of our Assembly code. Do to some unfortunate problems we may have to restructure some code. Bad News: PSE won't use XMS memory for the first release. This is due to some problem with the file reader. But progress is being made so expect PSE's first release to be in about 1-2 months.

4 May, 1998:

PSE is coming close to release time as Ivan taps away at bugs and I initiate a few final additions. I've been receiving some really good PutPixel commands and may put them up some time by the end of the week. So keep on sending 'em! And lastly I'm trying to get a nice title graphic for our page(real nice 3D rendered image).

24 April, 1998:

First Compiled Version of the PSE Unit complete! A few bugs in the file reading and writing, but over all an excellent beginning. I'm also glad to say that the PSE Unit uses XMS memory saving your conventional memory free for your own uses. Ivan is tapping away at our small bug as we speak so we can hope for a FULLY working copy soon.

2 March, 1998:

Site was created 2 March, 1998 by of Red Ant Productions.