Below are some Christmas activities and ideas. Enjoy!!!

    Cognitive Activities

  • Have several cutouts of candy canes of various sizes for the children to place from smallest to largest.

  • Have several different sized circles for the children to make snowmen.

  • Bring in some old Christmas cards. Place them in a large box and have them classify the cards (ones with Santa, ones with snow, etc.). Then have them count the cards in each group.

  • Have Christmas candy in a jar and have the children count the pieces and separate all the red ones, green ones, etc.

  • Have several cutouts of snowflakes of various colors, making sure to make two of each color. Have the children match the snowflake to it's mate. To make it harder, make them all the same color, with different patterns for them to match.

  • Provide a few different sized stockings and various sized toys. Encourage the children to fit the toys into the stockings. Have small, medium and large stockings and toys available.

    Dramatic Play Activities

  • Display stockings made as an art activity on a "fireplace" painted on butcher paper.

  • Make a gift wrap express. Supply an area with boxes, tape, wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, Christmas cards, gift tags, and a small Christmas tree.  Let children "wrap" gifts and put under tree.  They can also make Christmas cards to "mail", and decorate the tree.  The children love this one!!
    Thanks to Kristal Peterson

    Fine Motor Activities

  • Have the children "write" a list of things they want for Christmas to santa.

  • Make a stocking, snowman, or other Christmas related object into lacing cards.  Make two of the same object for each child. Use laminated construction paper, hole punch and yarn.  Not only are they lacing and using fine motor skills, they will have a stocking to put their little gifts in to take home! 
    Thanks to Kristal Peterson

  • Sensory Gift Box- Gift wrap a box, to use for your sensory activity.  Use packing peanuts for "snow".  Place small ornaments, packages, canes, etc; for children to find in the "snow".  Wonderful sensory activity.
    Thanks to Kristal Peterson
  • Provide red and green pipe cleaners for the children to twist into various shapes to hang on the tree.

    Gross Motor Activities

  • Toss "snowballs" (cotton balls) into a small box.

  • Paint a large picture of Santa with his toy bag onto a piece of cardboard. Cut a hole at the top of the bag. Tape the picture in front of a trash can, making sure the hole at the tip of Santa's bag extends above the top of the can. Have the children throw bean bags into "Santa's bag".

    Group Activities

  • Simply use this time to decorate a Christmas tree with all the decorations the children made.

  • Tell the story "The Night Before Christmas", using props such as a stocking, a small Santa and a reindeer.

  • Hold a stocking treasure hunt. Hide small stockings made from construction paper and encourage the children to find them.
  • Some songs to sing:
    Deck the Halls
    O Christmas Tree
    Silent Night
    Frosty the Snow Man
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town
    Away in a Manger
    Silver Bells
    Jingle Bells
    The Twelve Days of Christmas
    Up on a Roof Top
    Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer
    All I Want for Christmas
    Jolly Old St. Nicholas
    Let it Snow
    I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

    Science Activities

  • Mix blue and yellow paint to make green!

  • Have an evergreen branch available to look at with a magnifying glass.

  • Have smelly jars with Christmas scents; such as cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, peppermint, etc.

  • Place an icecube in a jar and time how long it takes to melt. Discuss why this happens.

  • Have different kinds of pine cones available for examinatin.

  • Encourage children to crack open different types of nuts. Have the children taste the different varieties and compare how each one looks and tastes different.



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