Below are some Easter activities and ideas. Enjoy!!!

    Cognitive Activities

  • Give the children a plastic egg, small baby chick toy and easter grass. Have the children put the grass and chick inside and close the egg. Seems simple, but the kids love it!

  • Place about 20 jelly beans in a jar and have kids estimate how many are in the jar. Have them count to see how close they were.

  • Provide several egg cutouts with various patterns drawn on them. Make sure you make two of each. Have the children match the pairs.

  • Provide an egg carton and a dozen plastic eggs. Have the children count the eggs as they place them in the slots.

  • Place a pile of carrots on the table and have the children guess how many are in the pile. Encourage the children to count to see if they were correct.

  • Provide paper bunnies in three sizes. Encourage the children to arrange them from smallest to largest.

    Dramatic Play Activities

  • Place plastic eggs, easter grass and easter baskets in the area.

  • Provide a stuffed bunny and plastic or paper rabbit food in the area (carrots, lettuce, grapes, etc.) so they can feed their bunny.

  • Place an egg carton and a dozen plastic eggs in the area.

  • Place bunny ears made in art in the dramatic play area.

    Fine Motor Activities

  • Encourage the children to make eggs out of playdough. Give the children craft sticks to decorate their eggs. They can also make bunnies out of the dough.

  • Give the children paper and scissors to cut out ovals. They can then decorate them with markers or crayons.

  • Provide the children with rabbit or egg shaped lace cards.

    Gross Motor Activities

  • Have an egg hunt and encourage the children to count their eggs.

  • Have the children roll eggs using only their noses. Use hard boiled or plastic eggs.

  • Hop like a bunny to "Here Comes Peter Cottontail".

  • Hide a stuffed bunny in the room and have the children find it.

    Group Activities

  • Have the children sit in a circle. Give each child a plastic spoon. Have one child be the starter and give them a a plastic egg. Have the children pass around the egg using the spoons.

  • Go fishing using paper eggs of different colors with paper clips attached. Make a pole using a dowel and a string and attach a magnet to the end of the string. Encourage the children to fish for the eggs and ask them to name the colors of the eggs they catch.

  • Play Pin the Tail on the Bunny using a bunny cutout and a cotton ball with masking tape attached.

    Science Activities

  • Place a raw egg in a glass container filled with vinegar. The vinegar will slowly dissolve the shell and rubberize the egg. Have the children observe changes daily. In about 2 days the shell will disappear. In about 3 days, take the egg out and have the children hold it. How does it feel?

  • Dye easter eggs using store bought dye or make your own, using teabags, cranberries, etc.

  • Place a boiled egg and a raw egg on the table. Ask the children if they can figure out which egg is cooked. Encourage them to compare the color, weight, and by shaking. Spin the egg. Does one wobble more than the other. Crack them both open and see if they were correct.



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