One of the reasons WebTV users don't have the best reputation on the Internet is the very real problem of "Bandwidth Theft". Bandwidth Theft refers to the unauthorized linking of images and sounds from other sites to either our own sites, or to e-mail. Up until now, this linking was arguably a necessary thing; we, as WebTV users, simply can't download, nor can we upload using ftp. There are, of course, sites such as Draac's Free Gifs, and Big Daddy Bender's Gifs To Go, which have been set up solely for the purpose of providing linkable images and sounds. These, and other, sites have provided a tremendously valuable service to WebTV users, and we all owe them our thanks.

There's a problem, though. These sites just can't provide everything and, human nature being what it is, far too much linking has been done from sites that don't allow such linking. When you link to any site, it uses bandwidth, and that costs money; in many cases a lot of it. The owners of these sites, through no fault of their own, have been hit with unexpected bills running in some cases into the thousands of dollars, all because of this unauthorized linking. That just isn't acceptable behavior.

It's not only unacceptable, it's now completely unnecessary. A gentleman named Anthony Chu (who needs to get some kinda Nobel Prize) has created something called the "Transloader". Simply put, the Transloader downloads an image or sound to it's own server, and uploads it to your own webpage. It's priced very reasonably; it's *FREE*! It's also very simple to use.

With the Transloader, WebTV users now have no excuse, if we ever did, for stealing other people's bandwidth. We can ftp, free of charge, to our homepages and from there, if we wish, to our e-mail. It's very easy to get a free homepage, and for newbies, it's also a fine, user friendly way to learn HTML.

To learn more about getting a free homepage, and using the Transloader, click here, or, click here to go directly to Anthony Chu's Star Boulevard Transload Service.

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