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this is the second page!

Some of the recent stuff before I forget it:

this is my birthday
party held on
July 5, 1998.
in the back:,
my Dad and
my Uncle Ben;
on the right:
my Mom;
in the center: Ryan,
who is my cousin
and my friend
above: my grandfather
his name is OPA
I am his best friend.
my mother is
his daughter Erika;
her mother is my OMA.
you can see them
on the right: together
with Nanny, my father's mom
(in the white hat)
this is I myself
I am a pretty good ninja
that takes a heck of a lot
of practice, you know!

by the way, did you find my two new kitties anywhere??
now you see them you don't!

(sadly, while this was written,
one kitty climbed in the jeep engine
and was prematurily terminated at start)

This page has been visited times already...WOW! Thanks a lot. I'm out of here.

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