Mining  Photos
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This Oklahoma farm boy got into the mining and underground industry by accident. 
I was working for the Santa Fe railroad in Cleburne, TX when they had a big lay off. 
The only other good paying jobs I had heard about was at the nearby Nuclear Power 
Plant being built at Grandbury, TX by Brown & Root Construction. I went to apply 
for a job and they were only hiring miners and they said I had a job if I was willing to 
learn. So I worked there in the huge tunnels until the job was complete.

headframe.gif This is the Section 30W uranium mine of Kerr McGee located North of Grants, NM. I first started out as a contract roof bolter because they had not used resin bolts before and I had done plenty on tunnel job in TX. Not knowing any better, I thought I had a great job because I could put in over 100 per day.
Gene.gif This is Gene Montano of Grants, NM. After about 9 months of roof bolting, Gene ask me to be his contract partner. I was really honored because he was one of the best at Kerr Mc. We worked great together and had many interesting experiences.

me with jackleg.gifwired with dynamite.gifdrift.gif

whole timbers,gifStope with no ore.gif
The photo on the right shows my disgust of being sent to a stope with NO ORE!

Getting 5 yr. hardhat.gif Here I am receiving my 5 year Hard Hat from Kerr Mc Gee. Left to right is Norman Holton, Eddie Beverly, Paul Nowka, and Jim Misner.

1981 Family photo.gifRiding my horse.gif
While in Grants, NM my main form of R&R was hauling our horses to the mountains 
and camping out over the week-ends and exploring around the mountains on the
horses with my wife and our 2 boys. Photo taken in 1981.

Me at 30W.gifMan Died Here.gif
The upper right photo is of a carving that says, 
"A man died here for you, are you living for him"?

Photos from the NV Nuclear Test Site
NV Test Site.gifEvent at NTS.gif

MT Tunnel.gif

a Tunnel.gifSkull Mt.gif

MR training.gifNTS MR training.gif

Rolla Trophies.gifRe-entry.gifCarlsbad.gif
MR demo.gifAt Mall.gif
While at REECO our Mine Rescue Team was asked do a demonstration and set up a 
booth at the DOE public display in the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas. People that had 
never known there was such a thing as Mine Rescue stopped to ask about what we 
were doing and signed up for more info about the benefits of having Mine Rescue 
Teams, how they train, and what all they do.

Our Trophies.gifDOE to LIUNA.gifBill-Paul.gif
Photos of the Trophy Case and Trophies won by our Mine Rescue Team being 
donated by REECO to the local Laborers Union to display after REECO shut 
down operations at the Test Site.

Photos when I was MSHA Inspector
Me with MSHA.gifBadgePhoto.gif
Lead,SD.gifMSHA Inspect.gif

Photos at Yucca Mt. with Kiewit/PB
MR Kiewit Equip.gif1996 National Trophy