ANTI-SYSTEM - No Laughing Matter (LP) One of the best albums I have heard for a long time. This anarcho-punk band have serious talent to rival that of Conflict and the Subhumans. With a harder hitting musical style than the aforementioned band they motor through this LP with a snarling attitude and dissent-ridden lyrics. Songs across the whole range of anarcho subjects including a high level of animal rights contents, gainst fox hunting, fur trade and meat-eating. The last of these being the best one on the album "Wot? No meat?", a veritable veggie anthem, to rival even Conflicts "Meat means Murder", it is sung in such a pissed off manner, with a catchy yet heavy tune, that it is definetly amongst my all time favourite songs. Plenty of ranting on here for every occassion, and well worthwhile for anyone looking for one of the slightly lesser known UK anarcho-punk bands.

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