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OK, it's now JULY (end of)....i've no internet/e-mail acess until october at least, so if anyone has anything they want for the zine, please get in touch via my postal address (given below)......anyway, issue #1 is still available, either from me, or from RUPTURED AMBITIONS, as well as a few copies available from Weird Records....the first issue includes interviews with Chinapple Punx, Bus Station Loonies and Malignmen as well as articles on various things, gig reports, album reviews, distro summary, etc etc....Issue #2 is now finally getting underway, with confirmed interviews with Riot/Clone, Cress and Obnoxious! as well as plenty more to come I hope....due out around the end of june (ok, possibly mid-july).....i'm looking for any bands who want to be reviewed or interviewed, , any articles from anyone anywhere on anything from anti-fascism to feminism to veggie recipes to local scene reports to humour to ..well anything..... I'm also looking for any budding artists out there who would like to send me in their Anarcho-Skunk pictures....basically, the first issue had on the cover a (very poor) pictuere of a punkified skunk, and i thought while i was doing a lsightly better one for the second issue, why not ask other people to contribute for a kind of anarcho-skunk gallery...so anyone who wants to draw an anarcho-skunk (punk,skin,male,female, etc etc) send it in...... LATEST:.....benefit compilationbeing put together for Uncaged (anuimal rights/anti-vivisection)....punk bands needed by me for release in dcember....any kind of stuff welcome (apart from the obvious)....from the serious animal rights related, to fun drinking punk to sXe, you know, whateer.....please send 1-3 songs, plus an A5 page with lyrics, band bio, contact details, etc if possible....thanks a lot, hope to hear from every band reading this soon....

Pins & Skunks

20 Sutton Rd
Watford, Herts WD1 2QF
United Kingdom

Contact addresses for UK distros coming soon...also if you know of any good non-profit DIY punk distros that you use (anywhere in the world esp. US, Scandinavia, Australia and Japan) let me know, with perhaps a short comment on the sort of stuff they sell...

OK, issue #1 is starting to get round quite a bit and word is growing...this has inevitably led to reviews, the first being for Ruptured Ambitions...so here it is: "PINS & SKUNKS #1 - Bebopaloola! Yet another spanker of a debut zine! Have things ever been this good? More positive DIY from punkdom, this time thanks to the love & dedication of steve from Watford. Features interviews with THE CHINEAPPLE PUNX, THE MALIGNMEN (from the US of A) and the predictable bout of tedious gobshite courtesy of THE BUS STATION LOONIES. That aside, this zine is oozing with enthusiasm, there are some great reviews and a coupla' corking articles regarding CHUMS WITH BAMBER, EMI and the like, plus an excellent review on DIY distros (but hey, I'm biased, OK?). As is so often the case these fine days, I can hardly wait for the sequel...." So there we go, can't be bad huh?....anyway, keep up the communication levels, and I hope to hear from every reader soon!! (optimistic til the end!)

GO to the link below as it is much more useful than this page! Everything you ever wanted to know about punk!!...don't believe the fucking lies they tell you, this is DIY not EMI!

OK, before I go heres a few links you might like to try

punk resource page: this hs my entire punk collection (around 200-300 albums) with brief descriptions and links for loads of the bands on there...if you want to trade recordings look through these..other links too!
***: Now i'm not just going to nick someone else long list of links..i shall add slowly to these..tell me of your favourite sites..or even better let me know if your band has a site..after all-this is DIY!

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