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About  Reading a Lafferty story is a full body experience. After a few sentences your brain goes into hyperactivity, your belly is aching from laughter and you might need to reach for the aspirin jar soon, because like all good drugs they tend to leave you with a headache. 

Sometimes the stories are absurd (f.e.  in The Weirdest World" ) sometimes they are surreal (like The Hole in the Corner"), the only sure thing is: nothing is normal. 

You'll meet eminent scientist Willy McGilly, who employs magic as his scientific method, Epikt the Ktistec machine, the first transcendent computer, pride of the Institute of Impure Science, which (who?) prefers pipes over cigarettes and dislikes giving plain answers to unanswerable questions, Aloysius Shiplap the seminal genius and Margaret the Houri, the ageless intergalactic mistress. They'll break your perception of reality into unmendable shards, and leave you writhing on the floor laughing yourself mad! [MORE] 

I have reviewed some of the novels the man has written along with a few short story collections. There is also a list of all (?) short stories by Lafferty. Lafferty has also a small non-fictional oeuvre which is well worth reading.
And then some stories have been translated.
BIO   The little that I know about the author, I put into this short biography.
You may also peruse some of the collected accolades by writers and critics, who hold Lafferty in high esteem. 
LINKS Unfortunately there isn't much to find (yet). What I could find I collected in these bookmarks. 
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