Here is a list of links I've discovered here and there about the internet. Most are pretty interesting. I've tried to find the time to explore a little for more links to put here, but my work keeps me pretty busy and I usually don't have time. Still, every now and again you may find one or two new links to visit. Keep coming back and you'll see.

Anne and Mooky's Homepage
The web page of my fiancée. It's pretty nice. Lots of Arthurian stuff.

Quick Chat Cafe
A fun chat room I go to occasionally. If you see me there say hi.

The Northern Bard
The page of a friend of mine who is quite a good poet.

Extreme Star Wars
A site devoted to the best sci-fi adventure ever created.

Vayn's Quasi-Elemental Plane of AD&D
An AD&D site by a friend of mine. Not bad so far.

City of the Silent
The place where I got many of my images from.

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