Story of My Name

So why am I called Rain Sparrow?

I've learned once (the hard way) not to use my real name on the internet. Most places on the net I use the nickname Dax. (Although I'm sure I'm not the only Trekkie to do so.) But, when I decided to create this page, I began wondering what sort of "handle" would be appropriate here. (Surely not some Trek character.)

One day, there was a thunderstorm, and I decided to stand on my front porch for a bit and watch the lightning.

There is some sort of power or telephone cable running into the house next to the porch, and I noticed a sparrow sitting on it. I wondered why he/she wasn't taking shelter from the rain in a tree or under the eaves. Instead, the sparrow was fluffing his/her feathers and seemed to be generally enjoying the shower.

I felt as though I was being taught a lesson. Thunderstorms and rain happen, and we can huddle under the roof just waiting for them to pass, or we can make the most of them. My new friend was making the most of it, and that seemed to be the better choice.

Hence my name, which has a sort of Native flavor to it, although it has not been given to me "officially" by anyone in any tribe.

Have I bored you completely to tears? I hope not, but the rest of the site is much more interesting than my name, I promise.

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