RRCUV held its second reunion in Dallas, Texas on July 15th and 16th. For those of us who attended, it was a very emotional time. For those of you who missed it, you missed one of those special moments that come around so rarely in our life times. By group concensus, we will be holding our next reunion at THE WALL in 2007. It is hoped that all of us will make a very special attempt to attend.

Bottom Row from left to right - David Berg, Jim Hughes, Tommy Rhodes, Ralph Kennedy, and Frank Wright. Back Row - Danny Whitt, Gary Doan, Terry Sigler, Jerry Maddoux, Richard Schaffer, Joe Baucom, Ed Perhey, Rick Mertz, Dan Garber, and John Walsh,

Jim Hughes and Tommy Rhodes

The wives. We all owe much to these very special ladies who endulge us and stand beside us. They make events like this even more special by being there for us.

Group photo at the War Memorial in Grapevine, Texas

Picture of the train we rode from Grapevine to the Stock Yards in Fort Worth

Richard Schaffer, Jim Hughes, Ed Perhey, Dan Garber, Ralph Kennedy, and Tommy Rhodes in front of the train.

Special card reserving the coach car we rode to Fort Worth on.

First night of the reunion. Going thru photo albums and memorbilia.

Ed, Ralph and Dan at breakfast

Group picture at War Memorial

Tommy, Jim, Ed, Ralph and Dan at group supper

Dan Garber, Ralph Kennedy and Ed Perhey at the White Horse Saloon in Fort Worth

A photo of our group supper

Another photo of our group supper

Ralph Kennedy, Richard Schaffer, Ed Perhey, Rick Mertz, Dan Garber and Joe Baucom showing off our great reunion hats and t-shirts.