My Midi's

A sound card with either a hardware Sound Blaster AWE 64 value addition or software (Soft Yamaha Synthesizer) MIDI systhesizser is highly recommneded . 16 bit cards just don't cut it anymore. These are all of my favorite MIDI's so have fun and enjoy them. The Midi's are on another server that may not be around forever but I will keep them there as long as possable. If the midi's don't work just download this 1.2mb .exe file which contains all of the midi's on this page.

1979 30Kb 2001 16Kb 233c 52Kb 1doom 88Kb
About A Girl 51Kb Addams Family 2Kb Airwolf 12Kb Alienz 61Kb
Alimony 43Kb All_Apologies 22Kb All That She Wants 18Kb Another One Rides The Bus 26Kb
Axelf 25Kb Back To The Future 60Kb Bad Boys from Cops 50Kb Barbie Girl 90Kb
Batman 18Kb Batman2 6Kb Beautiful Life 30Kb Blew 36Kb
Blkisblk 22Kb Blow The 59Kb Bohemian Rhapsody 50Kb Born To Be Wild 58Kb
Bullet with Butterfly Wings 39Kb Celebration 35Kb Chariots Of Fire 45Kb Cheers 12Kb
Children 83Kb Civil War 47Kb Cocacola 5Kb Cotton Eye Joe 66Kb
Da Funk 13Kb Deep Space 9 4Kb Don't Turn Around 66Kb Doogiehowser 10Kb
Dream On 15Kb Dust 'N Bones 40Kb Edward Scissorhands 19Kb Elise 18Kb
Everybody Dance Now 58Kb Everybody Hurts 25Kb Everyday People 40Kb Fluxland 49Kb
Forrest Gump 4Kb For_Those_About_To_Rock 44Kb Free As A Bird 23Kb Friends 4Kb
Funkytown 52Kb Gangstas Paradise 24Kb Gee, I'm A Nerd 72Kb Get-A-Way 55Kb
Get Ready For This 106Kb Ghostbusters 25Kb Gilligan's Island 20Kb Gonna Make You Sweat 43Kb
Green Acres 15Kb Gump 18Kb Happy Days 8Kb Happy Nations 54Kb
Heart-Shaped Box 43Kb Hell's Bells 35Kb Highway To Hell 20Kb Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 39Kb
Holly (Buddy) 36Kb I Can't Get No Satisfaction 45Kb I Dream Of Jeannie 18Kb I Like To Move It 47Kb
I'm Too Sexy 44Kb I'm The Scatman 50Kb Indiana Jones 33Kb It's My Life 52Kb
It's Still Billy Joel To Me 20Kb I Want To Hold Your Hand 28Kb I Wish 54Kb James Bond 45Kb
Jaws 9Kb Jeopardy 2Kb Jingle Bells 26Kb Jumpin' Jack Flash 30Kb
Kiss From A Rose 31Kb Knight Rider 13Kb Knockin' On Heaven's Door 45Kb Let The Beat Control Your Body 49Kb
Lithium 36Kb Live And Let Die 54Kb Losing My Religion 36Kb Macarena 43Kb
MacGyver 23Kb Material Girl 31Kb Men In Black 61Kb Missin Everything But The Girl 62Kb
Mission Impossible 12Kb Move This 87Kb Mr. Sandman 21Kb Mr.Vain 112Kb
My Bologna 18Kb Naked Gun 14Kb Night Swimming 16Kb No Limit 39Kb
November Rain 33Kb Paradise City 77Kb People 23Kb Pink Panther 14Kb
Phantom Of The Opera 26Kb Pob 67Kb Polly 15Kb Rain 58Kb
Rape Me 30Kb Real Thing 82Kb Rhythm Is A Dancer 31Kb Rhythm Of The Night 61Kb
Rocky Theme 37Kb Roses Are Red (Aqua) 55Kb Runaway Train 39Kb Seinfeld 5Kb
Separated/Laundry Day 44Kb Seven Days And One Week 58Kb Simpsons 41Kb Sliver 21Kb
Smells Like Teen Spirit 67Kb Snack All Night 40Kb Son Of A Gun 53Kb Spice Up Your Life 67Kb
Star Trek - The Next Generation 14Kb Star Wars 20Kb Stayin' Alive 35Kb Strange Currencies 24Kb
Streets Of Philadelphia 15Kb Sweet Dreams 72Kb Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This 39Kb Sweet Emotion 48Kb
Take Me Out To The Ballgame 13Kb Territorial_Pissings 28Kb Tetris - Enhanced 13Kb Titanic Movie Theme 4Kb
Today 29Kb Total Eclipse Of The Heart 48Kb Tragedy 40Kb Tribal Dance 74Kb
The_Man_Who_Sold_The_World 29Kb The Munsters 4Kb The Sign 41Kb The Summer Is Magic 70Kb
Tubthumping 62Kb Tubular Bells 316Kb Twilight Zone 6Kb Valkyrie 39Kb
Vouge 34Kb Vr-ch-vr 57Kb Walk This Way 39Kb Wanna Be 26Kb
We Didn't Start The Fire 54Kb We Will Rock You 5Kb What's The Frequency, Kenneth 45Kb Who Made Who 26Kb
Wild Thing 48Kb Wipe Out 16Kb Wonder Years 56Kb Workaholic 75Kb
X-Files 13Kb YMCA 35Kb You Could Be Mine 32Kb Beethoven's5thSymphony 90Kb
Beethoven'sFurElise 21Kb Dreams 27Kb Taps 2Kb    

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