Emperor Ariakas


Ariakas was the arrogant and power-hungry Dragon Highlord of the red dragonarmy after Verminaard's death at the hands of the companions of the lance. He was the Dark Queen's most powerful minion, and also one of the most powerful mortal beings on Krynn--even more powerful than Raistlin at one point in time (Raistlin did surpass him in power eventually). He was the brain behind the Dragonarmy's strategies, and was considered the leader of the whole campaign and fittingly called himself The Emperor of Ansalon. He ruled a large part of Ansalon during the War of the Lance, and he was in very good favor with the Dark Queen. Ariakas was a devouted priest of Takhisis and was the Dark Majesty's highest ranking officer on Krynn. Ariakas was the personification of ambitious evil. Fortunately for the people of Ansalon, Ariakas was killed by Tanis Half-Elven at the end of the War of the Lance (with Raistlin's help). Ariakas also had a son, Ariakan, who founded the greatly feared Knights of Takhisis.

Ariakas famous quote: "Bend your knee to me, or die".