DragonLance Poetry!!

A poem written from Raistlin Majere's point of view:

"Eternal Torment"

Who hears you crying in the night 
When you are up all alone? 
I cry not for the world, 
Nor for anyone but myself. 

I myself have been tormented as a child 
But I have dealt with it 
I cursed them behind their backs 
And vowed that I would rise above them. 

Who hears me crying in the night 
When I lie awake in bed 
I cry not for you 
But only for myself. 

Whosoever calleth me a fool 
Shall shake their fists in rage 
For it is I who do not care 
About their apparent folly. 

I am the master of them now 
But that is not enough 
They know not what is best for them 
And they are of no use to me. 

Scatter, little people, scatter all 
Like leaves in the wind I shall crush you 
Feel your fragile limbs break beneath my grip 
Who is laughing now? 

And who will hear you crying in the night 
When you sit up all alone 
I know I will not hear you 
For my reasons are my own.

A poem in the point of view of Caramon Majere:

"Keep one eye on the sky"

Keep one eye on the sky, dear brother 
And see how it darkens as we speak 
Keep one ear open, my brother 
And listen to the howl of the wind 

The lightning surges and the thunder cracks 
But I am not afraid 
For I know your ways, brother 
It is just the rage of your mind 

Go on thinking what you will, my brother 
You cannot change the world 
The darkness calls for you 
And reaches for your weakening form 

Be strong, dear brother 
For I have given you my strength 
All I can do is sit 
And wait for you to return 

The light is fading fast, my dear brother 
And death awaits you in the abyss 
Just when I had reached my hand out to you 
You could not keep from slipping in 

A poem describing Kitiara Uth Matar in her loneliness


A second passed. Then another.
As she lay in her bed, alone.
The Emptiness filled her soul and tortured it,
Like a blowing storm would torture a
Frail oak's leaf.

She missed her brothers. Her friends.

She avoided being weak at
All costs, battling her
Way through the world, alone.

She wore the Crown now.
The Price...
No regrets. She wouldn't of
Changed a second.
Power. Finally she had Power,
Sweet like Elven Nectar.

She had everything in her palm now
But herself. She could have everything...
But what she no longer could have, was

The above poetry was not written by myself and I in no way claim the above work as my own.