Huma Dragonbane

Human, Knight of Solamnia, Order of the Crown.

Huma is probably the greatest knight in history, despite all his problems and colourful companions. In Huma's time he was neither the most powerful nor honourable Knight of Solamnia, in fact many of the Knights disliked him, thinking he was an over confident cocky young man, Huma however did one thing that set him above all others (read further discover what he did). His lover and closest ally was the silver dragon Gwyneth, his best friend was the red (and some more colours) robed magic-user Magius, his fighting companions included a minotaur (Kaz), a knight who had fallen in love with a nymph ( Buoron ), a controversial cleric of Paladine ( Lord Avondale ) and last but not least, his uncle Rennard was a servant of Morgion. Huma attacked the Dark Queen herself aided by the legendary weapon the Dragonlance. Huma sacrificed his life, and his beloved to stop the Dark Queen, and succeded. Huma exacted a promise from Tackhisis it was.... in exchange for her life the Drak Queen promised never again to interfere with Krynn so long as Krynn was whole.

Personal Opinion on Huma Dragonbane: Huma Dragonbane is perhaps the most legendary and famous hero in the entire history of Krynn. The famed slayer of Dragons, the man that defeated a God.