Sir. Markham

Human Knight of Solamnia, Order of the Rose.

Sir Markham was a most trusted and dashing knight of the Rose who was one of the leaders of the Knights of Solamnia in a great many years. He was a wealthy young nobleman, handsome, goodnatured, carefree and easy-going. Laurana found his bravery nonchalant and totally undependable and she thought that he fought in the war because there wasn't anything more interesting to do. His deeds far surpassed most knights and he fought valiantly at the High Clerist's tower, and many other battles. He led the knightly forces in the defense of Palanthas when Lord Soth attacked and because of his effort many people lived to see the next morning. Sir Markham himself was among the first to fall, after a number of terrible wounds. Prior to the battle his advice was to drink lots of brandy, because there was not much use in meeting a death knight sober. His last words to Tanis was "Here's for trying .. Rhymes with dying." as he drank more of the brandy. Another of his brilliant comments (as for Tanis vs Lord Soth) was : "A chap who can point at you and say 'die' has the distinct advantage."