Tasslehoff Burrfoot

Kender Thief (Handler)

Kalin "Tasslehoff" Burrfoot

"Elven wanderer, turn from your course and leave the dwarf behind. We are the spirits of those poor souls Flint Fireforge left on the barroom floor. Did we die in combat?" The Spirit voice soared to new heights, as did the whining, whirring sound accompanying it. "No! We died of shame, cursed by the ghost of the grape by not being able to outdrink a hill dwarf." ... ... Tasslehoff suddenly ran forward, his arms open wide. "Flint!" The kender threw his arms around the dwarf and hugged him. Flint, embarrassed, returned the embrace reluctantly, then quickly stepped back. Tasslehoff grinned, then looked up at the half-elf. "Who's this ?" He gasped. "Tanis! I didn't recognize you with a beard!" He held out his short arms. "No, thanks," said Tanis, grinning. He waved the kender away. "I want to keep my money pouch." With a look of sudden alarm, Flint felt under his tunic.

- Dragons of Autumn Twilight -

Tasslehoff is the life of the party wherever he goes. He played a small part in the Chronicles, in which his character was defined. The Legends trilogy however brought Tasslehoff a starring role that he almost took away from Raistlin and Caramon. Tasslehoff was born in northern Kendermore, the nephew of Uncle Trapspringer, a hero of kender folklore. His parents were study the plainsman at the time of his birth. At the age of 16 Wanderlust had taken hold of Tas and he began his long journey to create the "great map". While travelling during his Wanderlust, Tas ended up in Solace with one of Flint's metalworking pieces in his pouches. Tanis caught the kender, and the three became friends for the remainder of their lives. Always fearless and able to look on the bright side of any situation, Tas was never at a loss for telling a good story to anyone who might listen. Tas is a typical kender, curious as can be. He is a skilled mapmaker who has mapped most of the continent of Ansalon during his years of travel. He first met Tanis and Flint after "accidentally" pocketing a magical bracelet that Flint crafted. He travels with the companions "just for the fun of it," so he claims. During the War of the Lance, Tas played a vital role at the Council of Whitestone. Tas destroyed a dragon orb to make peace between the Qualinesti elves and the Knights of Solamnia. Tasslehoff also became a close personal friend of Fizban, the avatar form of the god Paladine. After helping to win the War of the Lance, Tas traveled back in time with Caramon to stop Raistlin from becoming a god. In 5th age DragonLance he also played a central role in winning the Chaos War, Tas was killed in the battle with Chaos during the Second Cataclysm, and is honored at the Last Heroes' Tomb. Coincidentally, many kender now claim to have an 'Uncle Tas.' Tasslehoff has become known as one of the greatest heroes in Ansalon.