The Rastafari movement was born in the Caribbean island of Jamaica during the early 1930's. It emerged from the Marcus Carvey "Forward Home to Africa Movement!" and was inspired by the gallant coronation of Emperor Haile Sellassie also called Rastafari, on November 2nd 1930 in Ethiopia.
This movement was created and developed firstly by and for African people. The Rastafari population is now growing rapidly throughout the world. Though scorned, rejected and abused by all, the Rastafari movement continues to be of great concern to intellectuals and world leaders.
However, Rastafari customs and practices are usually misunderstood, but the true Rastafari brethren and sisters continue to go forward, living up, working hard, and penetrating inside and outside of the vicious Babylon system, in order for Rasta become a living reality, in a world where equal rights, truth and social justice are yet to be achieved by the down-pressed of the earth.

Sekou Tafari
Spring 1986, London.
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