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To download the midi file on this page "right click" on the link below. A dialog box will appear asking wether you would like to open or save the file, select save and "click" the ok button. The next dialog box will allow you to choose the location on your computer where you want the midi file. To listen to the alternate versions of some midi file songs simply click on the file name and instead of selecting save select open. The file will be opened by a midi player (note: you may need to press a play button for the song to begin). Questions about RealAudio? Read the information below!

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This site uses RealAudio® to allow people to hear what the midi file should sound like on their system. To listen to the RealAudio® file you need the RealPlayer, which is most likely already on your system. If you click the file link below and you don't hear music after a few seconds then you need to get the player. To get the player click on the animated link below.

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