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Click here for Aug 99 pics!!!
Aug 99 Pics!!


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Red-tail Golden Arowana

Hi! Welcome to my Arowana Page, where you'll find plenty of pics. I currently own a silver arowna, whose photos will be updated regularly. How do I rear my fishes? Well, I keep my silver in a 5 feet tank (previously used by my dad to keep his marine corals). I do not pay much attention to the PH and nitrate levels - I just ensure that the water is changed (partially) regularly and the 2 internal filters kept clean. For more tips (& cool pics) on fish care matters,
do visit Bud's Dragon.

I am featuring 4 of my arowanas. The first 3 are no longer with me *sob* but are now immortalised in the WWW! Do note that for the golden arrowana pics, there could be one or 2 pics of a low grade red which I had also kept before (can't differentiate between the 2 myself!).

   ...... Enjoy!



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