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To the right is Miz Mishtal, oldest of the Chief Priestess' of Muldoon. She controls the power of Water and is very much beginning to feel old. She has her sights set on marrying Fugisawa-sensei which in the 2nd OAV series just might happen.

Ura is the royal cat who also serves as a form of body armor for Princess Fatora. She just wraps herself around her charge and blocks damage. When Makoto poses as Fatora, Ura becomes friends with him and refuses Fatora when she comes back after her kidnapping.

Shayla Shayla is the Chief Priestess in control of fire. Like her power, she is very fiery tempered and goes off very easily. She likes Makoto but can't have him because he loves Ifurita. She is a very good person though and would give all for her friends.

I didn't put up pics of all the characters from El Hazard. If you want to find out who I am talking about and they aren't shown, you can get the anime itself or go to the site above and see.

Why the Cellar you ask?

I suppose many of you are wondering why the people of El Hazard are down in the wine cellar. Well, its because two of the best drinkers I have ever seen in anime are in this anime, namely Fugisawa-sensei and Shayla Shayla. In their particular room I am going to highlight my favorite characters and give their brief bios as well as review the anime itself. Why El Hazard you might ask? It is because El Hazard was one of the first anime's I ever saw and is still one of my favorites.

I would like to thank the El Hazard Image Gallery for all the pictures I borrowed to make my page complete. Please take the time to scope out their image gallery conveniently located in the column on the left. I hope to someday have my own image gallery they can steal from too!

The two women in the pic to the left are Ifurita and Kahlia, the two demon goddess' of El Hazard. Long ago they were created by the same people who built the Eye Of God and they wreaked havoc on the world. Jinnia woke each in his search for world domination. Now Ifurita is good and loves Makoto. Kahlia I don't know as I have yet to see the new OAV series. Waiting for a subtitled edition. . .

To the left is Rune Venus, ruler of El Hazard. She heads the council of the lands and fights Bugrom oppression. She was betrothed to Galus until he was revealed as a Shadow Tribe spy. She is my favorite character, so much so I went as her to Anime Central '98. It was amazing how many people knew it was an El Hazardian character but didn't know who. . .

To the left we have Allielle, Afura Mann, and Princess Fatora. Allielle is Princes Fatora's lover and she is enamored of Shayla Shayla. Afura Mann is the third Chief Priestess of Muldoon, and controls Air. Princess Fatora is Rune Venus' younger sister who has been captured by the Shadow Tribe and then the Bugrom. All hope to use her to unlock the power of the Eye of God.

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