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Sshh!! People are sleeping!

Here in the master bedroom Momiji, everyone's favorite human sacrifice, sleeps unaware that Kusanagi has yet again snuck in. I placed the cast of Blue Seed in the bedroom because it seemed that someone was always surprising Momiji there, usually Kusanagi.

Strung about the page are different pics of some of my favorite characters of Blue Seed. I owe my great pics to Dawn's Kawaii Blue Seed page where there are tons ofgreat pics. I could only wish I could use them all.

To the left is our little Momiji, asleep, in her bed. We should probably leave until she wakes up. . .

I put different pictures of my favorite characters up namely Momiji, the main character, Kusanagi, her love interest and protector, Murakumo, the "bad guy" who wants to resurrect the Aragami-type god, and Kaede, Momiji's sister and the first Kushinada Princess.

This anime has some of the coolest action scenes I have seen yet, ranking right up there with the fight scenes from Neon Genesis Evangelion. They show excellent artowrk, good music, and soem great choreography. For all those people out there that said "they're only cartoons." these animes show work and planning and talent of any broadway musical hit. This one, like a few others, is the Phantom of the Opera of anime.

I grabbed these group pics because they have a good spread of all the characters in the series and are just really good shots. Blue Seed is a great series because it contains tons of japanese mythology so for all theose mythology buffs, this series id great. I also like that the "bad guys" are mostly plants which is pretty much new. It is almost lie Nature is striking bakc for all the atrocities commited throughout the course of human history. For this I love Blue Seed and have counted it among the best in my palace.

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