Reco's Chris Rock News Page
        Scotty Kowall
 Last week the Today show cut out a Matt
        Lauer interview with comedian Chris Rock.
        The interview aired live on the east coast but
        was edited from the west coast broadcast.
        Their spokesperson said, "The language was
        inappropriate for morning TV, especially for
        the many children who are off from school
        and watching at that hour." In case you missed
        it, what comedian Chris Rock said was that if
        President Clinton would give him a pardon,
        "I'd whip Ken Starr's ass." He also referred to
        Ken Starr as a scumbag, as if we didn't know
        that. Chris Rock's reaction was, "I find it odd
        that the people at Today felt that talk of
        stained dresses and violent crimes was more
        suitable for morning TV than me joking about
        whupping Ken Starr." Rock is absolutely right.
        For the last several years Today show hosts
        have analyzed the possible characteristics of
        the President's penis. They never edited Paula
        Jones or her spin doctors from their
        broadcasts. They have also discussed the
        President of the United States receiving oral
        sex and semen stains on a dress. This was
        suitable for children. They also show
        highschools wrapped in police tape after
        shooting sprees and the wounded after a
        bloody explosion. Those too apparently
        suitable for children since they did not edit
        their broadcast of the violence. A comedian
        joking Today edits. Matt Lauer nervously
        emphasized that Today is a morning show. It
        was evident he did not take to Rock's language
        or abuse of Starr. What we have learned from
        NBC's action is that Today and Matt Lauer are
        about as hip as an old episode of Maude. If the
        Today staff had done their job they would
        have known what Rock was going to say. If
        they did not like it, they should not have
        invited him on. NBC's double standard is
        incredible. Children are off from school and
        watching at that hour so Chris Rock's jokes are
        inappropriate. Those same children are staying
        up to watch The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.
        Leno's jokes are much more vulgar than
        anything Chris Rock said. Lenny Bruce years
        ago observed "they are just words. If you say
        them over and over again they lose their
        meaning." Maybe Katie Couric and Matt
        Lauer have said penis and semen stain so
        many times they have lost their good
        judgment. Personally I find Rock's "ass" and
        "scumbag" easier to take in the confines of a
        joke than Couric and Lauer's words in the
        confines of a news show. To summarize: Kids
        are out of school so bad language on Today is
        wrong. Those same kids are staying up late to
        watch The Tonight Show. Chances are those
        kids won't be up that early when Today airs.
        It's okay for Jay Leno to use vulgarities but
        not Chris Rock. It's okay for Katie Couric and
        Matt Lauer to use the words "penis" and
        "semen" but not for Chris Rock to use the
        words "ass" and "scumbag" on morning
        television. NBC's use of selective censorship is
        wrong. Editing Chris Rock was wrong.
        Switching to a new morning show is right.
        Where's the remote? I'm enforcing my own
        selective censorship. I'm switching channels. 

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