Alcohol   turbo   2.3L   powered   72   Pinto

This is my toy... I've played/raced this car since 1989, and loved every second of it. The car has run a best of 10.01 @ 130 (many fuel/tuning issues to sort out still), and expect some LEAPS in performance soon

1972 Ford Pinto 2200# w/driver.
Powered by Ford 2.3L alcohol turbo motor.
No nitrous yet;)

Best runs to date...

1/8 mi 6.29 @ 114 mph.
1/4 mi 10.01 @ 130 mph.

Some of the product that make this kind of performance easy...

Turbo :
T4 "P" trim turbine shaft and .48ar modified t3 turbine housing with t4e compressor with a "57" trim wheel.

Header :
Large tube (1-7/8") 4 into 1 collector Red-Header design.

Camshaft :
Red-Header special fast ramp, high lift, short duration mechanical roller grind.

GM 2 speed Powerglide w/transbrake and 1.82 first gear.

28"x9"x15" Mickey's.

Rear: 9" Ford w/4.30's on aluminum spool and nodular center section.

stock leaf springs and simple slapper bars (extra long).

Allen Moore
Lakeland, FL