Welcome to my home page!
On this page you will find pictures of me and my family as well as pictures of my good friends sharing our interests. This page is constantly being updated so remember to check back often for new additions!
My Fresh Tattoo
This is my newest tattoo. I got this on Oct 31, 1999. Click on my picture to get to some links to see more tattoos of mine and my friends!
Abbey as Tinkerbell
This is my daughter Abbey. Cick on her picture to go to her page and see her interests!
On July 7, 1998 I had lost a very special friend/companion of mine. She was very dear to my heart, as she always will be. Click on her picture to read a couple of poems that I have dedicated to her.

Check out our latest endeavor!!!

My Ever Growing List 'o Links!!

 See my hubby's page and our Harley!

 Thor's Hammer! Meet my good friend Thor!!

 Mya's Wild Heart! A really good friend, and a really cool page!

 My friend Jenn's page

Below are some pictures of my family and our freinds enjoying our interests.

Deni & Amy

Me and my good friend Amy enjoying the first morning coffee!

Camp Clear Creek

Camp Clear Creek (couldn't think of a better way to spend the day other than with our good friends Amy & Harry!!!

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