Food programming is a technique of using the energy of one's hand or the power of one's mind intention and even too the help of one's spirit guides, to get one's foods to be better assimilated and processed in the body to promote better health and general well being.

I first will give some background information how I came up with my food programming technique. Over 8 years ago, due to a hip condition that was progressively getting worst, I went the whole route of the conventional approach and got no relief. Moving to the alternative
route, I tried most of the existing modalities and it seem that chiropractic helped me most.

My next step was Mahikari a Japanese spiritual practice of devine, spiritual, and physical purification. It did help heal my hip problem and I was taught how to do their form of healing, a form of laying of the hands modality.

One thing that Mahikari stressed was to purify one's foods to get rid of the preservatives, additives, fertilizers, pollutants, and toxins in them. I was told that the hand energy was good for burns too. One night while lying in bed I had an idea to treat my depilatory, acid based, shaving power to see if it would burn less. After treating it, on a scale of 10, was reduced in burning wise to a 3.

The next thing that I noticed was that when I brought groceries home, I put all the bags together and treated everything at one time. Then one day I had a big cut on my hand and I braced myself when I was to put my hand into the dish water; but to my amazement, the cut hardly burned. What happened was the liquid dish soap was treated along with my groceries.

I also noticed that my clorox too had very little odor and it also burned much less on a hand cut. Yes, all my household cleaners odor was much less too.

Last November I had what seemed like a heart attack that I took care of myself and did not miss a day of work. This was very scary for me but it seemed that I had some supreme faith that it all will work out for the best. However; getting stronger, I did continue to have a nagging pain sensation in my heart area.

About six month later, the nagging pain got worst and some time I woke up and my left arm/hand would be numb. I then contacted John Van Drie, ( a healer that does great distant healing work. He cleared many entities from me and perhaps this gave me the ability to refocus on fulling healing myself.

I think that some people get a one time whole healing. And I think too there are those like me that are given a part healing that allow us to reach the whole healing ourselves.

Later, on a Sunday, I decided to go back to a very basic way in eating, eating all raw foods, strictly one raw food at a time, like first apple, carrot, grapes, then pears, just one thing at a time. Yes, years ago this diet had help me feel the best I 've felt in my whole life. But as the week wore on, I was physically getting better, but my will to keep eating this way was getting worst.

At this time I heard a dowser say that they had cured their allergy by will power. At this time I told a Reiki 11 from Florida that I was treating my foods to neutralize the toxins, additives, and preservatives in them. She told methat she treated her foods also and said that only what is good in the food be used by her body. The way I was treating my food and how she was treating her's, the two ways for a few days kept coming to my mind.

Then on the Friday of this same week, I just did my banking and was thinking on what and where to eat. Then it hit me that perhaps on some deeper level that I was programing the odor and the burning sensation out of some products; and if so then maybe I can do the same for my foods.

I went to a place and ordered an all vegetarian meal that was spicy with some salt in it that in the past months, eating this meal will aggravate the pain sensation in my heart area. Ordering my meal, I programmed the food to be free/neutralize of toxins, allergies, germs and bacteria, candida virus, proper PH balance and proper food combination and lastly to be filled with the Devine love of the creator.

As I did each food program, I yawned. My yawning happens when I am treating some thing that need treating. But if I was to hold a pendulum or rod in my hand it/they will react till what I am treating no longer needs treating, and too, when using a pendulum or rod, I now don't yawn,
with out, I yawn.

After treating the food, the taste was much different, the spicy and salty taste was almost gone. Walking home and later that evening, I had no pain sensation in my heart area. I had no bloated or gassy feeling, no heart burn, and I had a very good night sleep too, not waking up with
numbness in my left hand and arm.

After over three months of doing my food programming, I can add this benefit to the above list, after working and getting home dirty, I take a bath and there is no ring in the tub.

What I noticed also, if I drink a lot of juice or eat a breakfast and forget to do my PH program, I get an acidity or heart burn reaction later.

Today this is my list of the things that I program in and out of my food. This list is subject to change pending more learning about what is good and bad in our foods.

1. Allergies, 2. Animal by products vibration, 3. PH balance, 4. Proper food combination,

5. Virus, germs, and pathogens, 6. Parasites, 7. Toxins, 8. Candida yeast, 9, heavy metals,

10. Genetic alteration, 11. Geopathic radiation. 12. Special request, like Creator love and harmony into the food, and for the food to be assimilated and be used to lose weight.

When I am doing food programming with my rod, as I move from each of the above items to be programmed, if my rod reacts, that means perhaps there were parasites in the food, if no reaction, then there are no parasites. By doing this you can determine/test too if some animal meat or eggs and diary is in your food.

In public, food programming can be done very discretely, for most people, rub and wring both hand together roughly. Then like holding one's hand as if to say the Lord's Prayer, hold both hands with the thumb tip and all the finger tips just touching lightly and palms are apart. Doing this the whole body polarity is balanced and makes for doing food programming better. Hence food programming may be called Food Praying too.

Food programming in principle can be use to in basic treat products too.

The End

Posted by Harry Chambers. The above information is correct as to the best of my knowledge. For additional information or questions, please email Harry Chambers.

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