Dowsing Instructions:

Before beginning to dowse, always ask the following questions.   

MAY I?   means do I have permission 

CAN I?   means am I ready and able? 

SHOULD I?   means is it appropriate?  


DOWSER'S PRAYER     Dear God (or insert), Please center me so that I may become a clear channel to your wisdom, in
order to raise my consciousness and the consciousness of those who come to me for advice and help .. Protect me from all
negative influences while I do thy work.   



YES-NO QUESTIONS should be short, clear and unambiguous.  Never as 
"Should I...?" Instead, ask, "Would it be for my highest good to...?"  

   A. Begin by saying, "One being the lowest and ten being the hightest:
      1. How honest is ____?  How trustworthy?  How high is his integrity?"
      2. How much anger do I have on a subconscious level toward ____?"
      3. What is my subconscious WILL-TO-LIVE?"
   B. Or you may say, if Jesus Christ is 10, by comparison how spiritual 
      is ____?
      (Murderers & terrorists do not register on this scale ..)
   C. Or you may request that the numbers be changed to percent and then 
      ask: (If 75%=average; 80-90%=very good, below 75%=imbalance)
      1. What is my physical health?  
      2. What is my psychological health?  
      3. What is my vitality index?
   D. Numbers can be changed to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousand, etc. 
      simply by asking that they be changed ..
   E. Use the letters that are above the numbers when asking for messages to 
      be spelled out.
I don't remember which session I got the above at, but thought it would be a good 
beginning for this list.

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