22 Masters

Hawayo Takata was practicing and teaching Reiki in Hawaii since 1938. Later she moved to California where she continued her work with Reiki. She did not transmitted the master degree until 1975, and before her death in December of 1980, she trained 22 Masters.

The 22 Masters of Hawayo Takata

George Araki
Dorothy Baba
Ursula Baylow
Rick Bockner
Patricia Bowling
Barbara Brown
Fran Brown
Phyllis Furumoto
Beth Gray
John Gray
Iris Ishikuro
Harry Kuboi
Ethel Lombardi
Barbara McCullough
Mary McFayden
Paul Mitchell
Bethel Phaigh
Shinobu Saito
Virginia Samdahl
Wanja Twan
Barbara Weber Ray
Kay Yamashita

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